January 14, 2012

The failed EU experiment is coming to an end

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Tyler Durden over at Zero Hedge has posted that S&P’s mass downgrade FAQ may have just hobbled the European Sovereign Debt Market.
All your questions about the historic European downgrade should be answered after reading the following FAQ. Or so S&P believes. Ironically, it does an admirable job, because the following presentation successfully manages to negate years of endless lies and propaganda by Europe’s incompetent and corrupt klepocrarts, and lays out the true terrifying perspective currently splayed out before the eurozone better than most analyses we have seen to date.
Namely that the failed experiment is coming to an end.
And since the Eurozone’s idiotic foundation was laid out by the same breed of central planning academic wizards who thought that Keynesianism was a great idea (and continue to determine the fate of the world out of their small corner office in the Marriner Eccles building), the imminent downfall of Europe will only precipitate the final unravelling of the shaman “economic” religion that has taken the world to the brink of utter financial collapse and, gradually, world war.
Do go and read the whole post, including the full S&P FAQ.

Its all over folks, hang on to your hats, bend your knees and whistle Dixie. Being present at a funeral is always a trying time, you knew the patient was sick, you knew that one day they were going to die, but when it happens it still presents a period of shock, as in, so soon? I thought they would last a bit longer..
Now there will be a wailing and a gnashing of teeth as the final death throws of the disenfranchised cuckoos and parasites work through the system, before the rigor mortis sets into the host and the Keynesian experiment lays still forever.


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