Summary: The US/CFR NWO created EU is the model of the New World Order. So far it has used the ongoing Wall Street constructed global financial/economic crisis to consolidate its power by stealthily grabbing dictatorial power over the finances of all EU countries,as demanded by rOthschild agent, George Soros. Through the EU Stability and Competitiveness Pact and the European Semester, the EU has cunningly stolen the sovereignty of national states with the accept of their cronies of the national governments of the EU - but without telling or asking their peoples.
The henchmen of the corporative EU (Fascism acc. to Mussolini) are now doing their worst to sink their economically impossible political project, the euro, as does the US with their dollar. The goal is a one world currency to replace these regional currencies - just as stated by the father of the euro, Robert Mundell.
Many observers now predict the death of the euro during 2012. However, as long as the NWO vassal, Germany, can and will pay for the debts of the EU´s sinner members, the euro will live on. The problem is that the bail-outs of other EU states are only new loans for payments of interest on previous loans, whereby the loan takers sink deeper and deeper into the debt morass, poverty,austerity with beginning revolutions and dependence on primarily Germany in the so-called 4. Reich and the NWO IMF.
Now the banksters also run their self invented “rating agencies” who in intransparent ways downgrade the big majority of EU countries, thus making it more difficult and much more expensive for them to borrow money.
While there is a very big need for loans for investments to create the growth which Barroso is crowing about, the banks park such money with the European Central Bank, because the EU demands the banks to have a core capital of 8% at their disposal at any time. This is sound enough, but damages the creation of jobs, as do the incessant and ever increasing austerity measures imposed by the EU on its poorest member states and their steadily growing interest expenditures for the banksters.
This has now gone so far that investors are fleeing euro assets. The EU´s bail-out Fund, the EFSF, now needs more money and is dependent om Rothschild´s IMF for it. However, the IMF can only find 300 bn of the 500 dollars needed, so the EU must go hat in hand to Russia,China the US and the UK - all very reluctant to give.
Nevertheless, Barroso has obtained the call of the heads of government of the EU (except the UK) for more, not less of the brain sickness called the EU and more of the “EU method”, i.e. unconditional consensus/surrender to Barroso´s dictates per automaticity.
The EU promises growth, in particularly through “going green” combating  manmade CO2 global warming, the biggest lie in history. However, the EU kills growth through taxes and austerity  – which now even the IMF denounces as a hindrance to growth. France and Germany are preparing a new series of taxes to create growth – quite like the masonic snake biting its own tail. But why all this theatre? The New York Times now informs us that the ECB is printing money like never before, thus creating hyperinflation, distributing it secretly to defaulting EU countries – in spite of all promises to EU citizens.