December 28, 2011

Flashback 2009 - Socialists and Communists march to support global warming agenda

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The above photo was taken from a PRO-COMMUNIST, Global Warming protest in 2009. When is the last time you have seen the words Pro-Communist? A long time I bet. Is it because Communism is dead? Judging by these protesters; Communism is far from dead, but it is really in stealth mode. The media is aiding this stealth assault on Capitalism, because they want to be part of the grand plan in the end. The leftists in the media want to be REWARDED for their labor and assistance in this war against Capitalism.

I keep telling you people that all of these wars are coming from Marxists and they are at war with Capitalism. They are cleverly using radical Muslims as a war proxy to destroy Capitalism. How so? By dragging the USA onto battlefields around the world. There are over one billion Muslims in the world and the idea to turn them against the West was hatched by the Soviet Union. It is sheer brilliance.

Every left wing stooge in the media (and politics) is in on keeping the Marxist and Muslim association stealth, because the defeat of Capitalism is the ultimate goal. Very few websites expose this coordinated effort between the Muslims and the Marxists. The global community is using terrorism and global warming for the purpose of extortion and re-distribution of wealth.

Notice that the Fox News puppets only mention "class warfare" and "redistribution of wealth"? Why have the words Communism and Socialism been removed from their script? Cowards like this are the reason that I have to work harder.

The Occupy Wall Street crowd are the same crowd as the leftist scumbags in these videos that I posted below. They just changed their signs, but the agenda is still the same. They claim to be protesting for liberty and freedom, but they really are protesting for tyranny and slavery. They are too brainwashed to know the difference.

The real goal of the global warming agenda is to paralyze the USA with punishing taxes so the money can be re-distributed around the world, but 'developing' nations will be exempt from these massive taxes. Communism would be imposed via these high taxes that would stifle economic growth and Capitalism. I can promise you that Russia, China, Venezuela and Iran will not be paying one cent. You don't need to read any documents to know that this is a clean cut communist conspiracy.

The REAL AGENDA of the Global Warming movement is to control CAPITAL, CAPITALISM and PEOPLE. Most of these environmental groups are preventing the USA from drilling for oil in the courts, but Russia, China, Iran and Brazil are not being touched. Neither are the Arab nations, but only the USA is being singled out.

The money that is re-distributed to poor African countries will never reach the starving Africans. Instead the money will be hijacked by corrupt regimes and funneled to Al Qaeda in Africa to buy weapons so more Christians can me slaughtered by Muslim tribes.

Capitalism is blamed for racism, war, poverty and global warming, but Communism has killed over 100 million people and you never hear a peep about it.

I have repeated this quote by Karl Marx about 100 times on this website: "The meaning of peace is ABSENCE to RESISTANCE to SOCIALISM". How come you never hear this quote on Fox News? What are they so afraid of? The ultimate goal of these wars is to force the people into accepting WORLD COMMUNISM via terrorism and economic sabotage.

9/11 was an attack on Capitalism and the Capitalist system. All of these Occupy Wall Street protests are an attempt to create a violent atmosphere and a Marxist revolution. The real goal is a Global Marxist Revolution.

Expect a climate change comeback, because the media will just cover up the BIG LIE once again. You never hear the words socialism in the USA, because the American idiots would laugh at you. That is how brainwashed they are.

These videos are from 2009

Climate Gate

Vaclav Klaus - Environmentalism: A Threat to Freedom?

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