December 17, 2011

Katyn 2. Poland's President assassinated by Putin, President's brother openly says

Publication time: 16 December 2011, 14:31

New circumstances related to Russia's terrorist attack on Polish government' plane Tu-154M were reported by Warsaw daily Fakt (circulation 400,000):

"Until now, Jaroslaw Kaczynski tried to be diplomatic when talking about the terrorist attack in Smolensk, in which his brother, Poland's President Lech Kaczynski, died. He avoided to mention it directly, leaving only hints. In short, he only suggested, but did not state openly, that the cause of the tragedy had been a terrorist attack.

Now he ceased to be diplomatic. The thesis of the attack is a part of a clear sequence of events, he says. Jaroslav Kaczynski said about the motives which could have caused the terrorist attack:

- There was Georgia, there were Polish missiles which proved to be successful, and there was a definite tradition. Of course, I'm not talking about a Polish tradition, said Kaczynski in a December interview with Polish portal, which, strange to say, has gone unnoticed, even though he spoke about the potential motives for the Smolensk terrorist attack.

It is not difficult to guess that when talking about Georgia and Polish missiles, with which the Georgians shot down several Russian planes, he had in mind that the responsibility for the attack lies with the Kremlin leaders.

- The question should be considered at an emotional level, said Jaroslaw Kaczynski, chairman of the Polish opposition party Law and Justice.

A revenge of for rebellious Lech Kaczynski had to be carefully prepared. Jaroslaw Kaczynski told about the 20-month-old events, as part of the thesis of the attack.

- In this small-size forest, it was not difficult for the wings of a large airliner to cut the birch tree, like a knife. And the official version of a birch as a cause of the tragedy was promoted from the very beginning.
 Later, I spoke to a specialist who formerly worked for an air crash investigation commission. And he told me that the official version of the crash is nonsense.

The only tree that could cause such an effect is a centenary oak which is not rotten inside. We are not to forget that an oak is hard as iron. But even in this case, there is no clear certainty. As for the wretched birch with a diameter of 40 cm, it was no problem at all. The plane would cut it off calmly and flew further, Mr. Kaczynski said in an interview with ''.

- At the time, I laughed. And now this is all true. It is important that it is unlikely that the plane touched this birch at all. There is another reason of the disaster.

 In fact, there was a strike, after which the plane began to fall. Now, the only question is: what was it? - Mr. Kaczynski asks", writes the Polish newspaper.

The full 10-minute long video interview with Jaroslav Kaczynski (in Polish) on this topic, posted on December 6, 2011, can be viewed on Youtube at the following link.

By the way, according to poll results, published on the website Fact on the topic "Which report do you trust the most: that of Mr. Macierewicz (chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Investigation of the Smolensk Tragedy, it envisages a Russian terrorist attack) or that of Mr. Miller (Polshevist minister of interior, which concluded that a birch was 'guilty'), 70% of readers said that they trusted the Macierewicz's Report and only 30% the Miller's.

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