December 10, 2011

Cameron and the potential new map

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Whilst I applaud what appears to be a new backbone and replicating parts acquired by David Cameron overnight, and his discovery of the most important word in the English language – ‘NO’, his moves over the next few months need to be viewed and weighed carefully.

As governments and politics all over the world realign their friendships (the latest heavyweight agreement being between Australia and the US), we must be very careful that past prophecies do not become modern fact.

Will Germany and France now look East far more than they have done so in the past? Will the EU conclude its agreements with Ukraine and take the words of Jerzy Buzek literally in developing EU-Russia bilateral relations?

If so, Cameron must be very careful from now on. Will he look to the US or will he look to himself to provide leadership for the UK. What we must avoid at all costs… is the brave new world mapped out by Orwell.

That this is merely a PR stunt by Cameron, hoping to douse the flames of his own anti EU party members goes without saying. He will now probably be hoping for/working towards an up-swell of public opinion to keep us in the EU, which we will see from those Lords with EU pensions at stake, from the myriad of fake charities and the Unions who are part of the EU decision making process and feed quite happily amongst their socialist masters, centred around faux job losses, investments etc, but we must not be fooled.

Cameron must still act at home. He must work hard to restore the Rule of Law, our Common Law and to dismantle the authoritarian control mechanisms so prevalent across all the structures of the UK establishment. Totally.

The traitors, collaborators and quislings still need to be rooted out.

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