November 30, 2011

Vytautas Landsbergis: Europe faces war with Russia, not with Muslims

 Publication time: 28 November 2011, 17:33
Europe is threatened by the war of civilizations not with Muslims, but with Russia, which - as if another civilization, and on which does not apply the criterion of conscience. This was said on Monday at a conference of MEPs, the first president of independent Lithuania Vytautas Landsbergis, talking about the Soviet past and Europe suffering from amnesia, which is becoming more like Russia.

"It is more complicated with a European conscience. But in the official Russia there is no such thing. It can be concluded that the official Russia remains outside Europe, where there are still remnants of conscience. This is an another civilization. And it is here, and not with Muslims, threatens a war of civilizations.

It should not be allowed, so soon we will see now informally proposed conclusion - that Europe would not have conscience. No difference, no problem. And no one feels bad", said the politician at the conference History and Memory. Soviet past of 1953-1990.

Beginning his report, Landsbergis stressed that the European conscience linked to uniting Europe. According to politician, it is something without which a democratic Europe would be incomplete, but lately it is much spoken about an amnesia in Europe - the tendency to forget history, historical justice and just honesty.
"Unfortunately, these processes in Europe are progressing in the right direction. After all, the international financial crisis is primarily a crisis of integrity. From this collapsed financial systems. Banks and governments acted unfairly, lied, cheated...", said Landsbergis.

According to him, we Europeans are very profitable separated legality of decency.

"Honesty - it is a moral, ethical evaluation, and legality - the way we negotiate with the lawyers. And, of course, we are more inclined to emphasize that in the legal space if someone hadn't been taken, that's all right, and the question of honesty is not necessary. This is where the financial crisis emerges",  said the MP.

He stressed that even in Europe, which insisted on the need to respect the laws, they are not respected.
The politician claims that the loss of conscience in Europe is a trend, but to the East of Europe this conscience is not present at all: here is brought proceedings against political opponents, but not excited against the biggest frauds.

According to the Landsbergis, it indicates at difference of civilizations, which may eventually lead to a war.
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