November 11, 2011

Katyn 2. Head of Parliamentary Commission confirms Kaczynski’s plane blown up in Russian terrorist attack

Publication time: 8 November 2011, 12:35
A Polish portal of independent journalists, Salon 24, reported with reference to website Prawy on further developments around the Russian terrorist attack against the Polish military aircraft with Polish President Lech Kaczynski on board near Smolensk on April 10, 2010. Polish journalist Michal Poliak's reports:

"The plane broke apart in the air - at a height of approximately 16 feet from the runway, said Polish MP from PiS party Antoni Macierewicz, chairman of the parliamentary commission investigating the disaster of the government's Tu-154M in Smolensk. The wreckage of the plane could be "virtually" reproduced.

Pilot's error is excluded.

- They are not to blame. It was a "third party", says the head of the commission, Antoni Macierewicz.

In his opinion, the cause of the tragedy could have been an explosion, which occurred on board of the Tupolev airliner. This is evidenced by the reconstruction of the wreckage. It is based on photographs of the wreckage.

"We managed to collect a significant portion of them. However, we do not have the cockpit, where the pilots were. So far we do not know where the cockpit is and whether it was there at all (it is to be recalled that according to initial reports, the cockpit was there, and the pilots survived in the explosion, but they were immediately finished off with pistol shots and flamethrowers by Russian FSB killers. It is possible that the execution traces were left on the cockpit, and that's why it "disappeared" in Russia - KC).

The analysis of the reconstruction shows that the plane broke apart under the influence of "internal forces".

- The plane was somewhat opened under the influence of inner forces, and that's why it turned over, Antoni Macierewicz says.

- I do not know whether there was an explosion (a politcorrect language is required from the MP - KC). This hypothesis was made based on the shape of the fragments. One can only regret that such analysis is contained neither in the report by (Polshevist interior minister - KC) Jerzy Miller nor in the report by the (Polshevist - KC) prosecutor's office, although they have far greater access to sources than we do, concluded the chairman of the parliamentary commission on inquiry into the crash of Smolensk.

- However, difficulties in explaining the reasons of the crash do not end there. We could have received the support from the European Union, but due to intervention of (Polshevist minister - KC) Eva Kopacz, experts from outside were not allowed to work on establishing the causes of the Smolensk tragedy.

The fact that the EU experts wanted to take part in the investigation of the causes of the tragedy can be found online in the official protocol of the meeting of the Moscow MAC Committee. It is pointed out there that the MAC rejected these proposals, Eva Kopacz who was present at the meeting of April 13 did not protest against it. Curiously, the meeting was chaired by Vladimir Putin.

It should also be recalled that at that meeting, the MAC's head Tatiana Anodina made it immediately clear that her MAC would consider the travel to Smolensk as a civilian flight. In fact, it was a military flight. It blocked the investigation in accordance with military standards and made it impossible for the NATO to assist", writes the Polish paper Prawy.

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