November 22, 2011

Constitutions being trashed all over Europe

First in Italy, this from Bloomberg:
Italy’s new government, headed by former European Union Commissioner Mario Monti, has an unlikely supporter in President Giorgio Napolitano, an ex-communist who once praised the Soviet Union for crushing the 1956 reformist movement in Hungary.
Napolitano, whose post is usually ceremonial, earlier this month emerged as the key Italian contact for foreign leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy as Italian bond spreads widened to a record during a deepening debt and political crisis.
From Ireland we learn via The Irish Times:
IT IS obvious to everyone that ordinary government has ceased to function in Ireland. What has been less clear is that something even more profound has happened: our system of government has been set aside. This is not a rhetorical exaggeration, but a demonstrable truth.
and in the UK, from Michael Burke, a constitutional expert (because our Press don’t have the balls):
Given that the Government increasingly, and without precedent, insults our laws and customs, the questions have arisen as to how has the “elective dictatorship” come about? And what redress do we have? Does this not deserve incisive examination, given the division of the powers that our system used to embody? Is it now taken as a mere theory?
It has come about because of the conflation within the House of Commons—a subset of the legislature—of the legislative power with the executive power which now emanates directly from it. The executive now has full control of that part of the legislature.
But that democratically elected part of the legislature is not only not The Queen’s; it is not the executive’s either. It is the electorate’s and it alone democratically represents those whose laws and customs The Queen’s Coronation Oath binds Her Majesty to protect.
The EUSSR continues to salami slice one country after another, now merely provinces.

From RTE News:

COMMISSION TO PROPOSE “ADMINISTRATION” POWERS – The Irish Times says the European Commission wants the Brussels authorities to be given the power to place distressed euro zone countries in a form of EU “administration” as part of a new drive to toughen the fiscal rules behind the single currency.
Truly sickening for everyone.

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