October 23, 2011

"The Tu-154 plane was shot down"

"The Tu-154 plane was shot down"
 "The TU-154 plane with President Lech Kaczynski was shot down," claim independent experts. The authors of the report entitled "The Smolensk crime. The anatomy of the assassination" answer the questions which Jerzy Miller's government committee did not even dare to ask. Their work shows numerous mistakes and a lot of negligence in the official investigation. It shows that investigating this issue by the Polish and Russian cabinets was a huge farce.

The authors of the report claim: "The reason for this aircrash was an explosion above the plane of a warhead of a conventional racket with a thermobaric charge (page 730). The results of this international investigation have been published by the Antyk Publishing House owned by Marcin Dybowski. The report shows evidence based on, among others, a reconstruction of the course of the aircrash, statements of witnesses, analyses of the wreckage of the plane as well on examination of the victims' bodies. Experts have done a huge amount of work. They used information from the sources from Poland, Russia, the USA and other countries.

Preliminary texts in the report were written by Viktor Suvorov, a former GRU officer, and Eugene Poteat, the President of the Association of Former USA Intelligence Services Officers.

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