September 1, 2011

Monster Quotes of the Week

The Conservative 
 "A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you." - Psalm 91

The final stage of the war against Capitalism was kicked off on 9/11. The 10 year anniversary is coming up and this fact has never been mentioned, because THEY don't want you all to know this little detail. Capitalism did not fail; it was attacked. - Steve Cooper

Perry is pouncing Romney. The Marxists are scared and so are the Libtard-arians, because they are closet Obama lovers that are really provocateurs. Their goal is to cause unrest by pointing at Obama's deeds to strike fear in people. Fear brings unrest. They are part of the cast of actors. - Steve Cooper

A Marxist mutt was on Fox News today talking about Rick Perry. I knew what she was going to say, before she even said it, because I know how these communist bastards think. She said "We want Perry to run against Obama, because it would be an easy victory". Trust me, that was a lie to scare the sheep. That means they FEAR Perry vs. Obama. - Steve Cooper

Being against "Big Government" means that you are against Communism. Now, we just need a Tea Party leader or Presidential candidate with the guts to say this on Fox News. NEVER HAPPEN... - Steve Cooper

The elite have the wealth now and they want to shatter the middle class so they have supreme power. It is very simple; it is Marxism 101. - Steve Cooper

I saw Die Hard II with Bruce Willis the other day. I forgot that the plot was about an anti-communist General from Latin America that "renegade right wing" U.S. Army soldiers were trying to help escape by using a terrorist plot on an airport. Hollywood once again embracing the communist way.

Herman Cain is a store owner, very smart and a nice man I am sure, BUT Putin would laugh his ass of if he ever became president. You people need to really open your eyes to the global Marxist threat and conspiracy.

A TRUE CONSERVATIVE is someone that will inform the people about the communist threat. Not one politician that labels them self as a TRUE CONSERVATIVE has done that. Bachmann has not mentioned the communist threat ONCE. Neither has Palin. They may flirt with the word socialism so the sheep cheer, but that is it.

Communism has won and Capitalism is on it's knees ...the final dagger will be plunged into it's heart very soon. Your grandparents should have listened to Senator McCarthy. Don't tell me about 2012, because you are 50 years too late - Steve Cooper

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