September 26, 2011

The lunatics are raiding the magic money tree again

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Yup, it the stuff that Harry Potter or the Fantastic Five are made of. Super criminals are about to raid the magic money tree and put us all into slavery as they make us pay for it.

A fairy tale, well not quite, but the lunatics who run the EU, the ECB, National Governments and the financial institutions have devised a cunning plan to create, out of thin air, a a €3 TRILLION scheme to bail out the Euro.

Just where is this money to come from? Savings? No, National reserves? No, EU slush funds? No, Borrowings on the international money markets? No. They are going to raid the fictional magic money tree, that much vaunted left wing tool called the Treasury computer.

You see the money just doesn’t exist, they are going to create it by adding a few numbers to the computers, and as if by magic, the money appears. If it did exist, does anyone really believe it would not have been used up already, if it did exist then we would not be in the crisis that the lunatics have already placed us.

If anyone believes that this is real money then they need their heads examined. If anyone thinks that you can inject this kind of funny money into economies with little or no kickback then they need committing to an asylum.

If anyone thinks that the austerity measures already announced across the EU are harsh, just wait till the funny money kicks in. Its going to take a lot more than a few demonstrations to fight this plan.

If these lunatics (unelected I may add) are allowed to get away with this, then they will be committing you, your children and your grandchildren to an economic slavery that we all thought was long abolished. As The Talking Clock quite rightly says:
What is being proposed is so astronomical in scale that it will enslave populations for generations, guaranteeing their reduction in living standards for the entire period.
All this, rather than telling banksters to go whistle for their imaginary money debt?
All this to stop Greece from leaving the €uro?
All this to save the totalitarian and undemocratic European Union which nobody wants to be part of?
A question that was continually asked of Jews after WWII. Why did you let the Germans herd you like sheep, why did you go quietly, why did you not fight back. Were the pictures of holiday camps and Wagner that they painted just too compelling.

In years to come the same question will be asked of the 500m citizens of the EU. Why did you not stop the unelected lunatics, why did you let them herd you into slavery and worse, why did you not fight back.

This madness must end, the EU must be stopped. What we need is a kind of political Domestos, a purging cleaner that will deal with 99.99% of all EU apparachniks.

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