August 7, 2011

Collapse of Euro will see Authoritarian government rise to fore

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This blog has been predicting the collapse of the Euro for many years now, but it has always done so on the basis that the only response from the EU, and its respective member States governments will be enforcement and repression. The EU will truly live up to its hybrid Soviet/Nazi roots.
The preparations were well laid, and here in the UK the march towards authoritarian rule has been embraced not just by Labour, but undeniably by the Conservative and LibDem leadership.
We have accepted that after 12 years in No.10, Labour were the ones who had undertaken the enactment of over 32,000 new pieces of legislation (more than all the previous parliaments combined since its inception), 3000+ new criminal offences and forcing through many new and contentious laws which run counter to the rule of law as laid out in our constitutional documents and the Bill of Rights. Nearly all derived from the EU, but gold plated by civil servants here at home.
I don’t need to compile another list of Liberty lost, I have already done that, which the Convention of Modern Liberty picked up and ran with, (funny how the CML document is now missing) despite that event being a false flag attempt by the establishment to retain control of the Liberty agenda.

Seeing as it was based on a list originally compiled by myself, it’s a good job I kept a copy.abolition_of_freedom
Now match that against the pathetic effort produced by the Coalition in their Protection of Freedoms Bill, and you will be sorely disappointed. It abolishes virtually nothing, merely tidying up, taking off the rough edges and in many cases replacing repealed articles and SI’s with replacement ones with enhanced powers.
These sorry excuses for political leaders disgust me.
To those people who say that they would never use these laws to repress their own people I can only say this. Those laws were written and enacted for a reason, no-one spends that much time, money and effort drafting such draconian laws if there is never any intention of using them, and that day of reason is fast approaching with the collapse of the economic systems across the EU. That the Coalition have done nothing to remove these laws speaks volumes, much louder than words, as the establishment is riddled from top to bottom with willing fifth columnists just waiting for the day to use these powers.
When the Euro finally collapses, when the buying power of the Eurozone is worthless, when the Oil, food, energy and good will can no longer be bought, then they will turn on their own people to maintain order, to retain their own positions of power, and in some cases it will every bit as harsh and bloody as the crushing of the population we are seeing today in Syria.
They are ready, they are waiting whilst sunning themselves on holiday for the markets to do their worst, but do not for one minute believe that they will not use this armoury of draconian powers they have accumulated for themselves.
As the Euro collapses, the entire EU including the UK is going to see the biggest, bloodiest enforced change since the Norman Invasion of 1066.

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