August 31, 2011

It's time to leave the EU

Are supporters of the EU finally ready to give battle?
Are supporters of the EU finally ready to give battle?

That’s the motion at the next Spectator debate, to be held at the RGS on 20 September (see here). I’m speaking in support, alongside Freddie Forsyth and Christopher Booker. Denis MacShane and Charles Kennedy are in opposition.

Congratulations to the two Euro-enthusiasts for agreeing to come at all. British supporters of the EU are often readier, these days, to assert than to argue their case. I can’t tell you how frustrating this is for us secessionists: like Boney on his way to Moscow, we uneasily sense that, in being denied battle, we are being denied victory.

We keep being airily told that the benefits of membership are self-evident. Well, let’s have them listed and quantified. Let’s hear precisely what it is that we British are gaining, but that the poor, wretched Swiss and Norwegians are being denied. I’m looking forward to it.

The end of the Eurosceptic

The more that people scrutinise and check facts for themselves, the less able the politicians are to deceive themselves and the public.  Following on from our exchanges with Roger Helmer, the always excellent EU Referendum offers a matter of fact piece about the enemy within.

What is clear, as some in the comments section have alluded to, it that it’s time to jettison the devalued and misleading ‘Eurosceptic’ label.  When it comes to the EU there are only two camps now, in or out, EUphile or Withdrawalist.  Any MP who votes in favour of any Bill or amendment that facilitates EU integration and closer union cannot, by definition, be a withdrawalist. Pragmatism is code for inaction.

When you look at the voting records of Tory MPs and MEPs, there are hardly any who consistently vote against handing further power to the EU. Less than a dozen out of over 300. If you want the UK to leave the European Union then don’t vote Conservative.  Like Labour and the Lib Dems, they are the enemy within, aided by a collection of ‘licensed dissenters’, Judas goats and useful idiots.

August 30, 2011

A World Gone Mad


By JR Nyquist  08/29/2011

With markets in disarray and the financial future of the civilized world at stake, it is natural to ask for the reason – to ask why it is happening. Perhaps it would be better to inquire into the madness of it all. For madness seems to be a major factor in modern life. Nobody really understands the global economy, yet policies are made on the basis of assumed understandings. Is this not madness? Going beyond what each of us knows from direct personal experience, relying on a false kind of thinking, men can and do behave as lunatics. One only has to consider the assertions of the Flat Earth Society, or the U.S. Federal Reserve’s attempt to calm market jitters by suggesting another round of quantitative easing.

The enemy within

The enemy within - by Richard... Monday, August 29, 2011

"Too many eurosceptics spend their time sniping at each other, rather than turning their guns on the real enemy, which in this case is Brussels", writes Roger Helmer. This is in response to theopen letter by Autonomous Mind, which triggered a response from myself and Boiling Frog, with a related piece by Witterings from Witney, who has been debunking the pseudo-sceptic John Redwood.

And now AM has come storming back with another piece, putting the lid on Helmer.

Where Helmer goes wrong, of course, is in believing himself to be a eurosceptic – as opposed to a fully paid-up member of the Myrtle tendency, doing sterling work as a Judas goat on behalf of the Tory Party. To be a Tory and a eurosceptic – in the original meaning of the word – is a contradiction in terms.

That is partly why, one assumes, that the Tories are investing a great deal of effort into debasing the word – hence Redwood's self-regarding piece.

In drafting his piece, though, Redwood – a Westminster MP - unwittingly shows up Helmer's main error in his patronising little homily. The real enemy is not in Brussels. It is in Westminster. The reason we joined what was to become the European Union was because our MPs permitted it. The reason we are currently members is because Westminster MPs, of which Redwood is one, continue to permit it.

Thus, despite Helmer's wish to keep us distracted, our guns are indeed aimed at the real enemy. His role as a Judas goat becomes less and less convincing with the passage of time, as more and more people realise that he is there to lead people into a Tory Party which will do precisely nothing about getting us out of the EU.

And that, for all his bonhomie and pseudo-scepticism, makes Helmer the enemy too. There is no such thing as a Tory eurosceptic. We cannot emphasise strongly enough - it is a contradiction in terms.


August 29, 2011


By Coach Dave Daubenmire
August 25, 2011

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel” -Genesis 3:15

I am sorry if I come across as a know-it-all, but I honestly believe that I see things that others don’t see. Sometimes I wish I didn’t, but the reality is, very few people have connected the dots for you in the way I am going to attempt.

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” If you cannot see with the eyes of the Spirit, and you cannot hear with the ears of the Spirit, you are probably better off if you stop reading now. Most of what I am about to write will not make sense to you. But today I am writing to my brothers and sisters who do see and hear with the eyes and ears of the Spirit. My prayer is that the next few minutes will be a time of enlightenment for you.

The battle that is going on in America is not a political battle, it is spiritual. Those who do not recognize this are doomed to frustration. If you are one of those who believe that America will be rescued by changing the occupant of the White House, or by the election of members of the Republican Party, that America will somehow be rescued if we can get some “conservative” judges appointed, or a return to The Constitution, I assure you that your efforts will be in vain.

The battle has been, and will remain, between the seed of the serpent the seed of the woman. It is a battle of good verses evil, light verses darkness, right verses wrong, the Truth against lies. Seeing it as something other than that will lead to a lot of wasted energy.

Timebomb in Euroland: The Eurozone is Heading for a Crash.

Bank funding costs are rising, liquidity is being choked off, and interbank lending has started to stall. A full-blown crisis can still be averted, but leaders will have to knuckle down and resolve the political issues fast. Otherwise the 17-member monetary union will fracture and the euro will be kaput. Here's a clip from the Wall Street Journal:

"Commercial banks boosted their reliance on the European Central Bank, borrowing €2.82 billion ($4.07 billion) from an emergency lending facility on Tuesday ... While the amount of borrowing is tiny ... the increase from €555 million a day earlier, nonetheless suggest that some lenders are struggling to borrow from traditional funding sources."("Europe Banks Lean More on Emergency Funding", Wall Street Journal)

The Ratzinger Youth

Ron FraserColumnist
August 29, 2011 | From
Pope Benedict captivates a younger generation.

We’ve been watching Joseph Ratzinger for almost two decades. Our attention was originally drawn to him via a 1991 bbc documentary on the Vatican ratlines. This documentary exposed the Vatican’s direct involvement in the network of safe houses and escape routes sponsored by Rome under the leadership of Pope Pius xii. It also exposed a young seminarian, an ex-Hitler Youth member by the name of Joseph Ratzinger, as being closely involved with that Nazi underground escape system.

August 28, 2011


By Greg Evensen
August 27, 2011

ASSESSMENT ONE: "Know the enemy—engage and quit playing games."

The Muslim threat in and toward America is greater than the pending banking debacle, US currency inflation/deflation and debasement, or even the illegal invasion along our border. It is so because the Muslim threat is insidious and unending, it is religious on the surface, but is really an economic and social system. It has the “look” of a religion, but is clearly the fictional ranting of a false prophet named Mohammed in 630 A.D. However, the Quran is their “holy book,” an instruction manual for killing all those who do not accept their bigoted, subversive view of the world, and once it gains a 20% cultural foothold, it is unstoppable. These are the established population densities where the surge toward not just “acceptance,” but indeed an official promotion of its cultural stranglehold on government. Add to that a fatally flawed public view that “we are just being tolerant and Christian” in our support of the “one Muslim Mosque on every corner mentality” within the so-called democracies in Europe and North America, and you see how we have exposed our collective necks to the Islamic executioner.

This is the perfect “blending” of cultures that will leave only one standing at the end of the day. The first, called Christianity promotes a loving God that gave His son Jesus Christ so that all who accept Him alone are forgiven and taken to Heaven on death. The other, called Islam promotes a vengeful “kill all Christians or Jews that will not convert to Islam, and teach that evil hatred is normal. There is absolutely no tolerance for any other belief system under Sharia law. There is only one belief and that is a made up god called Allah, who provides paradise ONLY if the Muslim slave carries out the luciferian ideals hell bent on absolutely ELIMINATING all other people—read that Christians and Jews.

August 27, 2011

'The Rumanian Soldier as I Know Him'

from 'The War Illustrated', 28th July, 1917
by Basil Clarke

Special Correspondent in Rumania and Elsewhere
Pen Portraits of Our Fighting Friends
from a French serial history magazine - the King of Rumania - Rumanian soldiers

For a contrast in soldiering "form" there could be no better illustration than the doings of the different armies in Rumania.

While the middle army went to pieces before the onslaughts of the Huns, the northern army put up such a fight as to paralyse a German army in their attempt to force the mountain passes and make them seek out another way for themselves. The resistance put up by the Rumanian northern army may rank, in fact, in military excellence with anything that has been done by any of the allied ' armies during the war. It was splendid work.

The Week in Review

August 26, 2011 | From
Libya’s “now what?”, Merkel faces coalition demolition, young enthusiasm for an old pope, quantifying China’s race to arms, and a quake on the coast.

Middle East 

Qadhafi on the run: Now what? It appears Libya is close to falling to the anti-regime rebels, with much of Tripoli now under their control and leader Muammar Qadhafi reportedly having fled the capital. With the rebels having met comparatively little resistance as they swept through Tripoli, some are warning that Qadhafi loyalists may resort to guerrilla warfare. Most, however, concede that he is gone. But what exactly does this mean? “It appears that those who wanted Qadhafi supplanted by an unknown that is known only to include virulently anti-American Islamists are about to get their wish,” wrote the National Review Online on Sunday. Victor Davis Hanson writes that things will now get interesting: “As for outcomes, there are many scenarios, but these two may be the most likely: either a sort of on-again-off-again chaos until a military-backed clique or strongman emerges and the same old cycle resumes, or some sort of constitutional system in a decidedly Islamic context …. In the latter case, we could expect the new state’s foreign policy to be anti-Western, friendly to China and Russia, virulently and actively anti-Israel, and more accommodating with Iran and its subsidized terrorist appendages.” Daniel Pipes fears that Western forces may have “brought civilization’s worst enemies to power”: “The nato intervention in March 2011 was done without due diligence as to who it was in Benghazi that it was helping. To this day, their identity is a mystery. Chances are good that Islamist forces are hiding behind more benign elements, waiting for the right moment to pounce, as roughly happened in Iran in 1978-79, when Islamists did not make clear their strength nor their program until the shah was well disposed of.” As editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in May, an Islamic takeover of Libya “is imminent.”

August 26, 2011


By Timothy N. Baldwin, JD.
July 19, 2011

For years, the United Kingdom has suffered from rampant criminal activities by gangs and criminal networks purportedly comprised of young teens and adults alike. These organized and asserted efforts have been described in various UK news reports as the fruits of the demoralization of society in the UK. This state has in part been attributed by UK’s Prime Minister as the effects of multiculturalism—an unworkable phenomena in society. While many political conservatives in the United States criticize the UK for having a socialist polity, there appears to be a striking contrast in the manner in which the UK is responding to their social problems and the United States theirs. 

Perhaps the States in America could take a lesson.

In a recent AP article describing the rioting problems in the UK, the AP author describes how the UK needs the help of “anti-gang experts” from America to solve their problems. In particular, American experts are supposedly needed because the rioting and gang problems in the UK are almost solely attributable to the gang mentality and lifestyle portrayed by various American forums, such as movies, rap artists, etc. Specifically put, “British law enforcement authorities…billed full-blooded street gangs as an American phenomenon.”

New leaders may expel Russia and China from Libyan energy sector

CAIRO — Libyan rebels are preparing to restructure the nation's energy sector and expel allies of ousted Col. Moammar Gadhafi.

The rebel National Transitional Council was mulling plans to replace Chinese and Russian contractors in Libya's energy sector. Council sources said Beijing and Moscow were deemed the last major supporters of the Gadhafi regime and supplied weapons and expertise to fight the rebels.

"There are several countries who will have to answer for the help they gave to Gadhafi in killing thousands of people," a council source said.

Abdul Jalil Mayouf, information manager at the Libyan rebel energy company, AGOCO, agreed. Mayouf said Brazil, China and Russia could face sanctions by any post-Gadhafi regime in Libya.

In contrast, NATO members and their energy companies have helped the rebels over the last six months. They were said to include such companies as British Petroleum, France's Total and Italy's Eni, most of which recorded sharp gains on their shares since the downfall of the Gadhafi regime on Aug. 22.

Eni has already sent a team to Libya to plan the resumption of crude oil production in the east. Officials said significant Libyan oil and natural gas operations could resume by December.

"The facilities had been made by Italians, by Saipem," Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said. "And therefore it is clear that Eni will play a No. 1 role in the future."

August 25, 2011


In a cannon shot across Europe’s bows, he warned that Germany is reaching bailout exhaustion and cannot allow its own democracy to be undermined by EU mayhem. 
“I regard the huge buy-up of bonds of individual states by the ECB as legally and politically questionable. Article 123 of the Treaty on the EU’s workings prohibits the ECB from directly purchasing debt instruments, in order to safeguard the central bank’s independence,” he said.
“This prohibition only makes sense if those responsible do not get around it by making substantial purchases on the secondary market,” he said, speaking at a forum of half the world’s Nobel economists on Lake Constance to review the errors of the profession over recent years.
Mr Wulff said the ECB had gone “way beyond the bounds of their mandate” by purchasing €110bn (£96.6bn) of bonds, echoing widespread concerns in Germany that ECB intervention in the Italian and Spanish bond markets this month mark a dangerous escalation.
He did not explain what else the ECB could have done once the bond spreads of these two big economies began to spiral out of control in early August, posing an imminent threat to monetary union and Europe’s financial system.
The blistering attack follows equally harsh words by the Bundesbank in its monthly report. The bank slammed the ECB’s bond purchases and also warned that the EU’s broader bail-out machinery violates EU treaties and lacks “democratic legitimacy”.
The combined attacks come just two weeks before the German constitutional court rules on the legality of the various bailout policies. The verdict is expected on September 7.
The tone of language from two of Germany’s most respected institutions suggests that both markets and Europe’s political establishment have been complacent in assuming that the court would rubberstamp the EU summit deals in Brussels.
Nobel laureate Joe Stiglitz told the forum that the euro is likely to fall apart unless Germany accepts some form of fiscal union.




August 24, 2011

The Conspiracy to Use NATO Against Israel

 Foreign Confidential ™ 

Kosovo ... Libya ... Palestine?
Tripoli Today, Tel Aviv Tomorrow?
A chilling, admittedly rushed early warning from Foreign Confidential™ analysts ... upon information and belief, as lawyers like to say.

A once unthinkable conspiracy is afoot--to deploy NATO forces against a strategic U.S. ally that is also the only democracy in the Middle East.

The country is Israel, of course, the tiny Jewish State that has never known a day of peace since its miraculous rebirth in its ancient homeland.

Barack Obama's reelection is central to the perfidious plot. Obama is the only U.S. Presidential candidate who is sufficiently hostile to Israel to go along with the conspiracy, as the potential usefulness of the only anti-Israel GOP hopeful, Ron Paul, is neutralized by his marginal appeal and old-line isolationism (recalling the likes of aviator Charles Lindbergh and other Nazi supporters and sympathizers in the years leading up to the Second World War).

The Conspirators

NGOs: The Parasitic Altruists

Global Politician

By Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.
Their arrival portends rising local prices and a culture shock. Many of them live in plush apartments, or five star hotels, drive SUV's, sport $3000 laptops and PDA's. They earn a two figure multiple of the local average wage. They are busybodies, preachers, critics, do-gooders, and professional altruists. They are parasites who feed off natural and manmade disasters, mismanagement, conflict, and strife.

Always self-appointed, they answer to no constituency. Though unelected and ignorant of local realities, they confront the democratically chosen and those who voted them into office. A few of them are enmeshed in crime and corruption. They are the non-governmental organizations, or NGOs.

Some NGOs - like Oxfam, Human Rights Watch, Medecins Sans Frontieres, or Amnesty International - genuinely contribute to enhancing welfare, to the mitigation of hunger, the furtherance of human and civil rights, or the curbing of disease. Others - usually in the guise of think tanks and lobby groups - are sometimes ideologically biased, or religiously-committed and, often, at the service of special interests.

NGOs - such as the International Crisis Group - have openly interfered on behalf of the opposition in several parliamentary elections in Macedonia. Other NGOs have done so in Belarus and Ukraine, Zimbabwe and Israel, Nigeria and Thailand, Slovakia and Hungary - and even in Western, rich, countries including the USA, Canada, Germany, and Belgium.

The encroachment on state sovereignty of international law - enshrined in numerous treaties and conventions - allows NGOs to get involved in hitherto strictly domestic affairs like corruption, civil rights, the composition of the media, the penal and civil codes, environmental policies, or the allocation of economic resources and of natural endowments, such as land and water. No field of government activity is now exempt from the glare of NGOs. They serve as self-appointed witnesses, judges, jury and executioner rolled into one.

Former US finance chief says euro is 'breaking down'

Alan Greenspan, the former chairman of the US federal reserve, has said the eurozone is breaking apart due to variations between economies in the north and south of Europe.

Speaking during a question-and-answer session at the Innovation Nation Forum in Washington on Tuesday (23 August), the 85-year-old economist said: "The euro is breaking down and the process of its breaking down is creating very considerable difficulties in the European banking system."

He added: "That stuff [eurozone country bonds held by banks] has always been thought of as the ideal collateral and now it’s getting highly questionable."

Greenspan explained that northern countries, such as Germany and Finland, have a culture of budgetary discipline while southern nations, such as Greece, historically consume more than they produce and build up debt. "The problem is that there is a growing cleavage in the economic and analytical and banking circles as to whether the euro, which is the crucial issue here, should be 17 countries with very significantly different cultures ... That cannot go on," he said. "The general feeling out there is of a lull before the storm."

Greenspan's remarks - widely reported by financial newswires - saw the euro dip against the dollar and the cost of German goverment bonds, viewed as a safe haven, tick upward.

Is Germany Purposely 'Spooking' Markets?


A blog dedicated to raising awareness of Germany's political behaviour, ambitions, and manipulation of 'ever closer union' within the EU

Friday, 19 August 2011

Is Germany Purposely 'Spooking' Markets?

After reading a recent Spiegel interview with German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, we at GermanyWatch are becoming increasingly convinced that Germany is playing a dangerous game with Euro markets. The interview covered the subject of European financial regulation and integration. Here's a breakdown of Why we believe Germany is playing a game...
Schäuble:"..we have to bear in mind that it's extremely difficult to push through changes if people aren't convinced that they're really necessary."
SPIEGEL: In other words, if the euro fails, it will be for political, not economic, reasons?
Schäuble: The two are inextricably linked, but let me say it once again, very clearly: The euro is not going to fail.

Schäuble: ....There are certain support mechanisms that we are continuing to develop, with strict conditions: Member states that need our solidarity must reduce their deficits and reform their economies with measures that are at times very tough.
SPIEGEL: And what happens if they don't carry out sufficient reforms? Will aid be withheld, even if that carries the risk that the monetary union really will collapse?
Schäuble: There's no need to speculate about that. Still, we would be a strange government if we didn't prepare ourselves for all eventualities, however unlikely they may be.

August 23, 2011

World’s Greatest Danger: Germany Domineers Over Europe Again!

Germany has the bloodiest history of any nation when it comes to starting wars. Now it is leading Europe again. Let the world beware! By Gerald Flurry

Adolf Hitler didn’t consider his National Socialist party a movement; he thought of it as a religion. He saw himself as a religious leader. He was motivated and inspired by his evil god.

The Nazis had a colossal assembly hall, and they called it a hall of worship. Nazism was an extreme cult worship in a way. Hitler said he followed the Jesuit order, the part of the Catholic leadership that expresses fierce allegiance to the pope; he patterned the elite SS after that. It was a religion. It was, in fact, the Holy Roman Empire.

Pope Pius xi subscribed to the same principles. These two men formed quite a church-state relationship. This was proved in 1933 when the Vatican and Hitler signed a concordat: “The church agreed to keep priests and religion out of politics while Hitler, among other things, granted complete freedom to confessional schools throughout the country, a notable victory for German Catholics,” wrote John Toland in his book Adolf Hitler. “The Vatican was so appreciative of being recognized as a full partner that it asked God to bless the Reich. On a more practical level, it ordered German bishops to swear allegiance to the National Socialist regime. The new oath concluded with these significant words: ‘In the performance of my spiritual office and in my solicitude for the welfare and the interest of the German Reich, I will endeavor to avoid all detrimental acts which might endanger it’” (emphasis added throughout).

This is history you would think people would never want to forget! It’s right there in the history books for everyone to see. But few pay any attention to it. They think it is all in the past. But it isn’t, really. The worst is yet to come, if you look at it prophetically.

One million Jews were killed in Auschwitz! Seven hundred and fifty thousand Jews died in Treblinka. Over half a million perished in Belzec; 200,000 were murdered in Sobibór, and another 200,000 in Chelmno and Lublin. All told, 50 to 60 million people died in World War ii.

Get Ready for the Democratization of Destruction The way the world's militaries wage war is going to change -- drastically.


As Niels Bohr famously observed, "Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future." But we need not be caught entirely unaware by future events. The rapid pace of technological progression, as well as its ongoing diffusion, offer clues as to some of the likely next big things in warfare. 

Indeed, important military shifts have already been set in motion that will be difficult if not impossible to reverse. Sadly, these developments, combined with others in the economic, geopolitical, and demographic realms, seem likely to make the world a less stable and more dangerous place.

Consider, to start, the U.S. military's loss of its near monopoly in precision-guided munitions warfare, which it has enjoyed since the Gulf War two decades ago. Today China is fielding precision-guided ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as other "smart" munitions, in ever greater numbers. They can be used to threaten the few major U.S. bases remaining in the Western Pacific and, increasingly, to target American warships. Like Beijing, Iran is buying into the precision-guided weapons revolution, but at the low end, producing a poor man's version of China's capabilities, to include anti-ship cruise missiles and smart anti-ship mines. As these trends play out we could find that by the beginning of the next decade, major parts of the Western Pacific, as well as the Persian Gulf, become no-go zones for the U.S. military: areas where the risks of operating are prohibitively high.

Joining the Euro? Not in my lifetime

 open europe blog 

Last week we asked in passing when Swedish PM Frederik Reinfeldt would drop his support for Sweden joining the euro. Well, it turns out that he may not have to, as the main opposition party - the Social Democrats - have made that decision for him. Tommy Waidelich, formerly a pro-euro advocate in the 2003 referendum and current economic spokesperson for the Swedish Social Democrats, has made Swedish euro membership a distant dream (or nightmare).

In an interview with Europaportalen he clarifies his new position and that of his party, whose official line in the 2003 vote was also Yes to the euro. Waidelich says:
"[Swedish euro membership] is not on the agenda for the foreseeable future – during my lifetime, as long as I make the decisions."
Not in his lifetime? This is a clear shift, which probably means that the prospect of Sweden joining the euro has gone from lukewarm, to cold, to completely dead in the water. Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg hasn't exactly been enthusiastic about euro membership either of late. In a recent interview, he said,

August 22, 2011

A Strange Way of Doing Business

It is a mistake to assume that everyone is the same. People can be as different as night and day. In terms of doing business, consider the economic relationship between Russia and China. It is not like the relationship between other countries. As an example, consider the case of a Sierra Leone flagged Hong Kong cargo ship, New Star. It was fired upon by Russian warships and sank in icy waters after leaving a Russian port in February 2009. Eight sailors from the New Star’s crew were lost in the incident. Why did the Russians open fire on an unarmed ship? The cargo ship had left the Russian pacific coast port of Nakhodka without permission, and subsequently failed to stop. The Russian warships fired over 500 rounds at the unarmed Chinese ship.


By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
August 22, 2011

[NOTE: My latest book, The Power Elite and the Secret Nazi Plan, is now available from [800-955-0116] NewsWithViews. As I related in the book, the head of the Nazi SS, Heinrich Himmler, was probably working with the Allies (Allen Dulles) long before the end of WWII. In 1944, Himmler convinced Hitler to put the V-2 rocket project under SS control, and on August 8 of that year Gen. Hans Kammler replaced Gen. Walter Dornberger as its director (under Operation Paperclip after the war, Dornberger would become vice-president of Bell Aerosystems in Niagrara Falls, NY). Kammler had also been in charge of constructing facilities for various secret weapons projects. In 1938, the Sudetenland in northern Czechoslovakia surrendered to the Nazis, who recognized its importance as the location of perhaps the largest uranium field in Europe. By 1943, the Nazi Luftwaffe had a map of New York City with concentric circles (perhaps designating the radioactive effects of a nuclear explosion), and in 1944 a Luftwaffe plane flew to New York City, took a picture and flew back (perhaps for target identification). On October 10, 1944 Luftwaffe pilot Hans Zinsser reported seeing the following: “A cloud shaped like a mushroom without turbulence, billowing sections (at about 7000 meters) stood, without any seeming connections over the spot where the explosion took place.” Mussolini’s war correspondent Luigi Romersa sent to view the Nazis’ secret weapons also reported seeing the following: “There was a brilliant flash of light that entered our bunker, but everything stayed quiet. Suddenly there was an enormous blast that overwhelmed the ears. After the light faded we were allowed to look out the viewing slots. In the distance was a large glowing orange ball with dust and debris above it. 

EU—Power to the President!

Ron FraserColumnist

August 22, 2011 | From
The pope has called for it—now Germany and France propose a European presidency with real power.

There’s a profound leadership gap in Europe.

At a time of increasing crisis, commentators are crying out for someone to step up to the plate and take the lead in stemming the spread of the euro crisis:

“Investors have little if any confidence in eurozone leaders’ ability to stick together in the face of mounting calamity …” (Wall Street Journal, August 9; emphasis added throughout). “Markets can adjust to a downgrade of global growth, but they cannot cope with a spiraling loss of confidence in leadership and a growing sense that policymakers are disconnected from reality” (Financial Times, August 8). “In a sane world, the German chancellor and the French president would sack their economic advisers who clearly lack an understanding of basic economics or national accounting principles” (EU Observer, August 17). “A poll released Friday indicates Germans know little about the current euro crisis—but are overwhelmingly opposed to the way it is being handled by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the two leaders spearheading efforts to solve the crisis” (Spiegel Online, August 19).

As the European Union fragments into what will ultimately comprise 10 leading nations, the rest enslaved politically—if not in the fullest sense of the word—to one centralizing power (Revelation 17), the leadership gap is becoming most glaring.

Henry Kissinger during the 1970s famously asked the question, “If I want to call Europe, who do I call?"

Why is Russian TV Backing Ron Paul?

- Accuracy In Media - -

Posted By Cliff Kincaid On August 16, 2011 @ 1:22 pm In AIM Column

During a time when Ron Paul supporters are complaining [1], with some justification, about the major media not giving their candidate’s success in Iowa enough attention, the Texas congressman is getting enormously favorable coverage from a foreign propaganda outlet—Russia Today television.
One of Paul’s leading supporters in the media, if the term “media” is broadly defined, is Adam Kokesh, host of a show, “Adam Vs. The Man,” on Moscow’s English-language channel. On Monday, Kokesh used his show [2], which reaches many U.S. cities, to complain about the American media not giving Paul more favorable coverage, attacking the newspaper Politico for ignoring Paul’s second-place finish in a headline over a story about the results.

Kokesh uses disparaging language when referring to other Republicans, such as calling Rick Santorum “a homophobic theocrat” and Rick Perry a “Ken doll.” He regularly attacks the “corporate media” in the U.S. without criticizing the Moscow regime that pays his salary.

Commentators have typically described Paul’s second place finish in the Iowa straw poll as the result of “college kids” supporting him. AIM has noted [3] the major media’s reluctance to credit Paul for his success in presidential primaries.

But the advent of Russia Today (RT) television, which has been accused of serving as a vehicle for Russia’s intelligence services, puts the question of media coverage of the campaign in a new context—one of foreign interference in U.S. politics. The channel is carried in the Washington, D.C. media market by MHz Networks, a subsidiary of Commonwealth Public Broadcasting, which receives $3 million a year from federal and state governments.

Several websites feature a series of videos from RT [4], not limited to the Kokesh program, that are extremely favorable to Paul’s campaign. The channel features attractive female anchors who speak flawless English and claim to have America’s best interests at heart. Many observers agree the channel is far more effective than the heavy-handed Soviet propaganda of the Cold War years.

August 21, 2011

The unwanted EU application


16.08.11 @ 09:57 
By Vigdís Hauksdóttir

For many people it is increasingly a puzzle why the Icelandic government is carrying on with its application to join the European Union. Even sources from within the EU institutions have questioned whether there is any point in continuing this journey.The application was delivered in July 2009 in the wake of the economic collapse in Iceland in the autumn of 2008.

For decades Icelanders have been opposed to joining the bloc but with the collapse, supporters of membership saw an opportunity to finally get an application through. They managed to do so after the general elections in the country in the spring of 2009 but only because the leadership of the Left Green Movement, the party furthest to the left in Icelandic politics, decided to ignore its policy of being against joining the EU and allow the application in order to form a government with the only political party in Iceland in favour of membership, the Social Democratic Alliance.

My party, the centrist Progressive Party, adopted a new policy on the EU during its last national congress in April this year. The policy firmly rejects EU membership, replacing a previous policy supporting accession negotiations with certain strict conditions - conditions the EU could never have accepted as the Progressive Party has never been in favour of EU membership.