July 6, 2011

German politician demands boycott of holidays in Denmark: what's Danish for 'Yippee?'

Danish flag map wiki This is great: the Danish government has asserted its right to control its own borders -- well done, Copenhagen -- which is to say, it has strengthened customs checks on the borders it shares with Sweden and Germany. So of course the European Commission and other 'Europe must have no frontiers, nations are no more than European regions' fanatics are whining because Denmark has taken its own steps to combat money laundering and the rest.

Some of the most pro-EU-powers Germans are angry about the Danish move. Jorg-Uwe Hahn, mnister for Europe in the German state of Hesse, has told the German press that, 'If Denmark is introducing border controls again during the hoidlay season, I can only suggest that people turn right around and holiday in Austria or Poland instead.'

And he said it as though it were a threat.

Ah, Germans. You have to wonder at them. They must be the most un-self-aware people on the Continent. Danes have given plenty of evidence in the past that Germans piling into Denmark for summer beach holidays is exactly what they don't want.

Go back to the time of the Danish resistance to the Maastricht Treaty (like the Irish, the Danes were forced to keep voting on an EU treaty until Brussels was satisfied they'd given the right answer).

The only way the Danish government got the treaty through in the end was by securing a derogation that allowed them to stop Germans buying second homes, which is to say, holiday homes, in Denmark.
The derogation didn't actually name the Germans, but all the convoluted legal phraseology had exactly one aim: to guarantee that EU law would not force the Danes to allow the krauts to pour over the border in their hundreds -- thousands? --and buy up holiday property on the Jutland beaches.

Defense of the realm, Danish style. What's Danish for 'Bravo?'


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