November 2, 2010

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Cameron Must Go. Now. 

 Liam Fox..............Please.  Better late than never.

85% of Conservative members want powers repatriated from the EU.  49% want to quit altogether.   75% insist on at least a freeze in contributions and preferably a reduction in line with spending cuts being made in Britain - i.e 25%.

Cameron is simply not representing the views of Conservatives by agreeing to the 2.9% EU budget increase, even if there are vague promises of a freeze next year.  He is promising Merkel he will not be considering the holding of a referendum on Britain's membership, or demanding a 'loss of powers' referendum for the proposed Lisbon Treaty changes which effectively convert the EU into an economic government for Europe.

In short Cameron is not fit for purpose.  He is not representing the views of the people who elected him, and nor does he intend to do so.   Conservative MPs have to consider what to do next.

They will be faced with a resurgent UKIP in 2015, which could knock many of them out of Parliament, if they don't act now to remove Cameron.  Labour are imploding.  The Lib Dems have halved their support.  There will never be a better time to take on the corrupt elite that sits in control of the Conservative Party.    The first moves to remove Cameron could be started by a number of MPs writing to the 1922 Committee for Cameron to face a vote of confidence.

There is no need to threaten Osborne's financial strategy.  The EU is a major threat to Britain's fiscal discipline as it is.  Cameron will have to be got rid of,  as he has no intention of stopping our finances being ruined by Europe.  It were better though that he was got rid of now, and a new leader put in place.  There are plenty of highly talented individuals who would stop the EU from ruining us, and could carry on from here.  Cameron was brought in as the me-too Blair.  There is no need for such a person any longer.  Merely a responsible leader who realises that our financial needs are paramount, and caving in to making extra payments to the EU is no longer acceptable.  Strike now, is my advice, and strike hard.


Labour enjoy more support amongst women than amongst men, a poll from Com Res suggests, confirming what many polls have indicated in the past. This appeared in PB comments this morning -

“The findings point to a “gender gap” after predictions that the cuts will hurt women more than men, partly because of the 500,000 job losses expected in the public sector over the next four years. The Tories are ahead among men, by 37 per cent to 36 per cent, but trail Labour by four points among women (38 to 34 per cent).”