October 21, 2010


Spotlight on Sovereignty

UN Creates Framework for Monitoring Corporate Compliance with ESG Principles

October 20, 2010
 The Global Compact Differentiation Framework seeks to provide companies with the opportunity to begin a process of continuous improvement and receive recognition for progress made toward sustainability and transparency in environmental, social, and governance matters. An overview of the Differentiation Framework is available here.

Experts Evaluate Progress on Achieving UN Millennium Development Goals

October 13, 2010
 In an October 5 panel discussion at the Council on Foreign Affairs, three experts discussed the role of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals as a framework for new government development policy, the importance of increasing aid funding transparency with developing nations, and the impact of the financial crisis on the developing world. A link to a video of the panel discussion is available here.

ILO Leader Calls for Government Policies to Produce Jobs

October 13, 2010
 In a statement presented at the IMF and World Bank Annual Meeting, International Labour Organization Director-General Juan Somavia stressed that social protection and a more inclusive society were vital to "future economic growth which accelerates a job rich recovery and a major shift towards a job rich pattern of development and growth."  To read more, click here.

Report Lays Foundation for a Human Right to Access to Modern Energy

October 13, 2010
 Joining what is fast becoming an exercise in developing a wish list of international human rights that dilutes the meaning of human rights in pursuit of global governance and wealth redistribution, three international organizations have published a report on how to make modern energy access universal. This proposed “right to energy” takes its place alongside several other international economic rights the legal basis and content of which are disputable, including, but not limited to, the right to development, right to water and sanitation, right to food, right to access to medicines, and the right to vacation.

UN and Businesses Push Global Governance of Climate Change Policies

October 12, 2010
 On October 5, 2010, business representatives participating in a UN Business for Environment Climate Summit adopted a Call to Action “agreeing that averting a major climate crisis with serious economic, political, health, environment and security impacts will require the creation of global policy and strong national legal frameworks." A copy of the Call to Action is available here.

National Human Rights Institutions Promote Human Rights Global Governance of Businesses

October 12, 2010
 At the conclusion of the UN-sponsored 10th International Conference of National Human Rights Institutions in Edinburgh, Scotland, participants adopted the Edinburgh Declaration, which calls for increased national and international monitoring of businesses' compliance with human rights laws and the provision greater advice to companies, governments, advocates, and individuals about corporate responsibility. A copy of the Edinburgh Declaration is available here.

WIPO Reports on Deliberations and Decisions of Member State Assemblies

October 6, 2010
globehandOn September 29, the World Intellectual Property Organization ("WIPO") published its Draft Report on the deliberations and decisions of the 20 Assemblies and other bodies of the WIPO Member States that took place in Geneva from September 20-29, 2010.  To read more, click here.

UN and Transnational Businesses Press Climate Change Agenda

October 6, 2010
climatechangeCaring for Climate, a joint platform by the UN Global Compact and the United Nations Environment Programme to advance the role of business in addressing climate change, has now established a steering committee. The advisory body, consisting of senior corporate representatives from diverse sectors and geographic regions, will provide input on the strategic, operational and financial developments of Caring for Climate. A UN Global Compact press release, including links to the Caring for Climate steering committee constitution, work plan, and members, is available here.

IMF Analysis Promotes Building of a Global Financial System

October 6, 2010
coinsyoThe International Monetary Fund's ("IMF") latest Staff Position Note, "Shaping the New Financial System," details the key priorities in building a global financial system, including global coordination, stronger supervision, a cross-border resolution framework, macro prudential regulations, and reforms that apply to the entire financial system, not just banks. A copy of the Staff Position Note is available here.

UN Encourages Corporate Leaders to Promote Millennium Development Goals

September 29, 2010
flags at UNApproximately 100 chief executives, Heads of State and Government, heads of UN agencies, funds and programmes, and heads of civil society gathered at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on 24 September 2008 for the first UN Private Sector Forum on the topic of the Millennium Development Goals and Food Sustainability. A copy of the meeting report is available here.

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