October 13, 2010


Russian national provider RTcomm arranged 'cyber-sabotage' against Kavkaz Center in Russian style

Publication time: Today at 03:48 Emirate time
The Russian national provider RTcomm arranged a "cyber-sabotage" against Kavkaz Center. The "sabotage" tuned out to be in a purely Russian style.
Simply speaking, RTcomm committed a cyber-theft using confidence of Swedish partner, which obviously had no idea that a structural unit of the state Rostelecom will go to the banal theft.
Perhaps this is the first case of theft of its kind in the history of the Internet, done by the government with government agencies, from their foreign business partners.
On Tuesday 12 October, at approximately 6 pm Stockholm time, RTcomm which is by their own statement, a "Russian national provider", committed a theft.
Using BGP protocol (Border Gateway Protocol, in other words a routing protocol between all Internet service providers) RTcomm hijacked IP address of the Kavkaz Center.
Also using the Russian bus network AS8342 by spreading false notifications of alleged affiliation of Kavkaz Center's IP address of to a network in Russia, RTcomm temporarily (for 6 hours) managed to block the access of readers to the KC website.
Obviously, this criminal act from the side of the structural unit of Rostelecom, owned by the Russian government, is not a spontaneous action by the RTcomm.
There is no doubt that the Russian special services and Russian government, which for 11 years already waging war with the Kavkaz-Center, are behind this action.
The administration of the Kavkaz Center is studying the incident and intends to apply to the Swedish authorities with application to open a criminal investigation into cyber-theft under the state guise of government of the Russian Federation by one of its divisions.
Inherently, the Russian government has committed a crime on territory of Sweden.
Kavkaz Center