October 5, 2010


Regi Says - 37
Environmentalists are Terrorists
Examiner Special Report - Big Green: Environmentalists aren't really about clean air and water is the first of several very good anti-environmentalism articles at the same site. There cannot be too many anti-environmentalism articles.

Sadly, this one starts with a mistake.

"Environmentalists talk about America's land, water and air, but their movement has become mostly about expanding regulatory power over the American way of life.

"Some environmentalists will admit this reality, as in 2004 when the Sierra Club?s Carl Pope said that 'environmentalism is part of a broader progressive movement.' It wasn't always that way." [Emphasis mine.]
That is not true. Environmentalism has always been about power and control�ALWAYS.
From my article, "A Hate Speech:"

"Environmentalism is a social-political movement with its roots firmly implanted in European anti-free-enterprise fascism. Environmentalism is both an anti-human anti-civilization ideology and a totalitarian political movement. Though factions of the movement are sometimes contradictory, they are united in their ultimate goal�the total destruction of Western culture and individual liberty and the imposition of a world-wide government."
There is more on the fascinating history of environmentalism at "Environmentalism's Environment."
Most of the Examiner "Big Green" special reports are short, excellent, worth reading, and worth alerting everyone you know to them. (See, "Not So Good," below.) Send them a link to this article and tell them to read them all. For your convenience, here is a link to every article:

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Not So Good

Here is the problem. While the Examiner "Big Green" series has done a good job of identifying the harm of the environmental movement, it fails to understand the environmentalism itself is a collectivist, statist, anti-individual liberty movement.

So this article is not good:

Examiner Editorial: A human balance needed for the environment

Here's how it begins: "Everybody wants clean air and water. Everybody wants to conserve America's abundant natural resources. Everybody wants to protect ecosystems and wildlife. Americans came together in a public consensus on these issues decades ago and remain united in support of these goals to this day, in no small part because tremendous progress has been achieved in all of these areas since creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 1970."

First of all, it doesn't matter what "everybody" wants. Freedom, which is what this country is was once about, requires everyone to pursue their own wants, and the only "resources," "ecosystems (a made-up meaningless environmentalist term)," "wildlife," or anything else anyone has any say about is that which they personally own. The "environment" is not "everybody's" business.

Secondly, the EPA is one of the worst bureaucratic agencies aver thrust on the American people. It is unconstitutional, and by its very existence a violation of the essential component of liberty, individual property rights. Furthermore, the Federal Government has no business owning or regulating any land in the entire country, except the tiny bit needed strictly for legitimate Constitution government business.

Thirdly, it is not as the article says, "Somewhere along the way things got out of balance between the public consensus on the environment that emerged in this country decades ago, and the oppressive new reality of government-entrenched environmental extremism that threatens to suffocate America's economic freedom and the prosperity ...." The whole purpose of environmentalism has always been about protecting "nature" in opposition to human life, freedom, and prosperity, but at bottom, it is a tool gain power and control. There is no "balance" to be struck between individual liberty and anti-human oppression. Principles are not determined by consensus.

Who decides what the "right" environment is anyway? Why is it assumed that because certain nature worshipers have a view of what the ideal environment is, they should be able to force it down the throat of everyone else? If I happen to believe the ideal environment is a swamp, and I can manage to move enough people to form a consensus, would it be right to turn the whole damn country into swamp?

It is the The Environmentalist's Trick to keep the true nature and intent of environmentalism hidden. The death-grip of environmentalism on the world's culture and economies will never be stopped until the true nature of environmentalism as an anti-human totalitarian ideology is made explicitly clear. There is nothing good or redeeming in any aspect of environmentalism. Begin here: The Green Nazi Hell and America's Future? and here: Green roots: the origin of ecology.
Terrorism For the Children

In February of last year I reported on the "Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act" in an article I called, "Stealth Terrorism," in which I explained, "every company and every individual that manufactures or sells any product, from toys to clothing, for any child under twelve will be hurt by this law, and all smaller businesses and individuals will be forced out of business, and many into bankruptcy."
This is exactly what has happened, of course. I'm sure few have followed up on this story, since the MSM has avoided it for obvious reasons. The following story, however, illustrates both the absurdity and threat to the economy all such laws are:

Kids' science kits may take hit from safety ruling. The science kits, which contain nothing more than can be found in most households, are the cause of a huge discussion�because they contain paper clips, and it cannot be decided whether the kits need to be tested to... Well I don't know what. Insure the safety of the paper clips?
I'm sure it does not matter to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), but the science kit makers say, "a requirement to test ... could force them to market kits to schools for older children instead of the 12-and-under crowd the law covers." Who cares if the children learn science, as long as they are, "safe."
They Try To Hide It

My second War series article, "Cost of War," included the section, "The Wars That Keep On Killing" describing the excessive rate of suicides among returning Iraq and Afghanistan military men and women which is mostly hidden. For example: "Our suicide prevention coordinators are identifying about 1,000 suicide attempts per month among veterans we see in our medical facilities."
It's becoming harder to hide, however. "Army's largest base reeling from four apparent suicides in one weekend" That brings the total number of suicides at Fort Hood to 18 for the year.
Fort Hood just happens to be the base where Maj. Nidal Hasan on a shooting rampage killed 12 people and injured dozens of others less than a year ago.
Well, war is the culture of death. Should any of this be a surprise?

�Reginald Firehammer (09/30/10)