October 19, 2010

A Free Market of Ideas
George Bernard Shaw said: "Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it." It is true, most people are terrified of liberty, petrified they might have to be responsible for their own lives. "The Autonomist," is not for them.

Another 18th Century Infestation Courtesy of the EPA
Michael R. Shannon—10/19/10
Normally it would be cause for great joy when "socially-conscious progressives" are literally bitten on the behind by the results of their bad ideas. In this case it's unfortunate that the conservatives who should be enjoying a nice gloat, are instead forced to scratch their own rear ends simply because you can't rely on bedbugs to exercise judgment before biting.

Tilting at windmills
Benjamin B. Phillips—10/19/10
A central element in each of these proposals will be ways in which the Federal government will try to "incentivize" business to reach federally mandated goals for energy savings and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Of course, taxation will be part of the mix, as will direct regulation. But another facet of any bill which passes the Senate is likely to be tax breaks and federal (taxpayer and consumer) subsidies for favored approaches to creating and saving energy.

Repealing ObamaCare
J. D. Longstreet—10/19/10
In an editorial at the Washington Examiner titled: "How new GOP Congress can repeal, replace Obamacare" the writer says the following: "If voters return Republicans to majorities in one or both Houses of Congress, their Job One will be to start the process of repealing Obamacare and replacing it with realistic health care reforms that make universal access possible at a reasonable cost without putting federal bureaucrats in charge of U.S. medicine. President Obama will surely veto even a simple repeal measure, but Republicans still should put an end to Obamacare's most damaging and least popular provisions by defunding them.

Thank You for Not Voting
Burt Prelutsky—10/18/10
For as long as I can remember, people have been cajoled, harangued and even bullied, into voting. They've been reminded incessantly that their ancestors fought and died so that they would have the right to choose their leaders. It's been pointed out to them that even today there are hundreds of millions of people to whom universal suffrage is nothing more than a fantasy.

Is Obama Just a Moron?
Alan Caruba—10/18/10
How many recall the eight years of George W. Bush's two terms in office during which he was constantly derided as being too dumb to be president? He was deemed "a frat boy" and yet Bush had graduated from Yale University and went onto to secure a master's degree from Harvard Business School. When his grades were compared to Sen. John Kerry during his campaign for reelection, it turned out he had higher scores.

The Dirty Little Secret about Negative, or ''Attack'' Campaign Ads!
J. D. Longstreet—10/18/10
Negative, or "Attack Ads," work in a political campaign, for two reasons. One the typical political ad becomes stale and even irritating after about a week... tops. The average voter begins to tune out. They will not hear the ad if you continue it. It becomes a part of the background noise of their daily lives and... they tune it out. Savvy ad men, and political media specialists, have fresh, new, ads ready to release every few days.

The State of the Unions
Burt Prelutsky—10/15/10
There was a time in my life, as well as the life of the nation, when unions were a positive force. There was a time when only through the power of collective bargaining that workers had the opportunity to be treated humanely, to be anything but the cheapest, most easily replaced, cogs in the wake of the industrial revolution. In those bad old days, machinery mattered, people didn't.

Tea Party Terrifies The Mainstream Media
J. D. Longstreet—10/15/10
In less than three weeks Americans go to the polls determined to change the federal government back to a responsive, responsible, government, which actually HAS the consent of the governed.

My Latest Suggested Reading List
Chuck Baldwin—10/14/10
Faithful readers of this column might recall my column of last year where I listed several books that I found to be helpful. So, to build on last year's list, here is a current list.

Judge's Ruling Mirrors America's Decadence and Decline
J. D. Longstreet—10/14/10
America's moral decline has been obvious for decades to those Americans who actually make an attempt to maintain civility and morality not just in their religious lives, but in their "workaday" lives as well.

Plain Talk About Voting and Church Attendance
Burt Prelutsky—10/13/10
No matter how much attention a person tries to devote to the political scene, some questions appear to be unanswerable. For instance, with Nevada, a state suffering from an unemployment rate hovering around 15%, why is Harry Reid, a man with the personality of an unsuccessful undertaker, running neck-and-neck with Sharron Angle? Is it that extra "r" in her first name?

Lessons Learned from Swedish Temperature Records
Dennis T. Avery—10/13/10
CHURCHVILLE, VA-The ten coldest winter-spring temperatures out of the last 500 in Stockholm, Sweden, were almost all during the Little Ice Age. No surprise there. The coldest was 1569, followed by 1573.