October 1, 2010

A Free Market of Ideas
George Bernard Shaw said: "Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it." It is true, most people are terrified of liberty, petrified they might have to be responsible for their own lives. "The Autonomist," is not for them.

Will November 2nd Ever Arrive?
Burt Prelutsky—10/1/10
As we enter the homestretch of what I consider the most important off-year election in American history, I find my head is abuzz with random thoughts.

Healthcare Reform: A Huge Misdiagnosis
Ron Paul—10/1/10
This week marked six months since Congress passed the healthcare reform bill in what has become all-too-typical legislative chicanery. Those in power crafted a mammoth piece of legislation and rammed it through Congress under a dire sense of emergency.

The Pilgrim Spirit
Chuck Baldwin—9/30/10
Ever since God called Abram out of Ur, God's people have always possessed a "Pilgrim Spirit." Think of it: Abram was called by God to leave the only country and home he had ever known, his family and friends, and his culture and way of life. To make matters worse, he did not even know where he was going. And, of course, Abraham is known as the "Father of the Faithful." Virtually all of God's children since Abraham have possessed an innate pilgrim spirit.

The Fifth Season
Burt Prelutsky—9/29/10
We are all aware of the four seasons, but every election year provides us with a fifth. Thanks to politicians and those who rely on politicians for their daily bread, we find ourselves in the silly season.

UN Millennium Goals Flunk Reality Check
Dennis T. Avery—9/29/10
CHURCHVILLE, VA-On the10th birthday of the UN's Millennium Development Goals, officials are lamenting that the world has made little progress in meeting them. No one should be surprised.

J. D. Longstreet—9/29/10
Finally, Americans will be able to see for themselves the Socialist/Marxist/Communist menace to America is REAL! Freedom loving Americans will be able to put a face on the threat to America's freedom and America's liberty.

Death Is Cheapened in VA
Michael R. Shannon—9/28/10
Last week Teresa Lewis was Virginia's only woman on Death Row (although she has permanently vacated the premises by the time you read this). Lewis earned her death sentence by conspiring to murder her husband and stepson for insurance money with the help of her backwoods lover and his trusty sidekick.

Big Doin's in Juarez
Fred Reed—9/28/10
Things change. They change. I arrived in Mexico some seven years ago amid dire warnings from all and sundry that I would instantly die of foul disease, trampling by burros, and splashing sanguinary crime. All of this I regarded as nonsense, because it was. The State Department issued travel warnings and similar alarums, but State would regard Massachusetts as hazardous. There was little to fear. Expats traveled at will and walked the streets without concern.

The October Surprise!
J. D. Longstreet—9/28/10
An election is coming. The 2010 Mid-Term Election is currently scheduled for November 2nd, 2010... just a little over a month from now.

Are Men the Weaker Sex?
Burt Prelutsky—9/27/10
I'm not one of those guys who took umbrage at the Women's Movement. If the ladies wanted to have careers, it was okay with me. If they wanted to be paid the same as men for doing the same job, that seemed fair to me. I admit I did get my back up when they started talking about comparable jobs, as if being a waitress were the same as, say, being a fireman. Jobs are not comparable. They are either the same or they're different. But that's a minor matter.

Your Insane U.S. Energy Department
Alan Cariuba—9/27/10
In mid-September, Cathy Zoi, an Assistant Secretary of Energy, said that the U.S. Department of Energy has a "mandate" to issue regulations about what household appliances should be available to Americans in the future.

GOP's ''Pledge To America'' Falls Short ... VERY Short!
J. D. Longstreet—9/27/10
The Republican Party made a spectacular mistake in publishing their "A Pledge to America." In an attempt to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory they have raised questions about their own party's commitment to issues their base is most concerned with and about which they would like answers.

Sex, Lies and the Movies
Burt Prelutsky—9/24/10
One of the reasons that movies today are so devoid of compelling characters and engrossing plots is that the folks who make them are, more often than not, too young and too isolated from humanity. That's not to say that writers and directors in their 20s and 30s can't be talented, but, as a rule, what they have are a passel of petty grievances (the studios, their agents, the deals, other people's success, etc.); what they lack is wisdom. They simply haven't lived long enough or suffered enough major losses -- friends, parents, spouses, children -- to have developed a grown-up's philosophy.

Will Liberty Continue To Have A Home In America?
Chuck Baldwin—9/24/10
Only the most willingly ignorant people (most of whom are educated beyond their intelligence, as my dad used to say) would argue with the fact that the generation who founded this great country believed that God had providentially established and protected what became known as the United States of America. The public sentiments in this regard are irrefutable.