October 24, 2010


 The Name That None Dare To Speak

Andrew T. Durham

[DISCLAIMER: The author wishes to convey his deepest apologies that this article is not about gardening, arts and crafts, carpentry or puppies. He is genuinely regretful for any inconvenience.]

What´s left of the American media love to classify people into demeaning terms, such as "birthers" for people who – legitimately – have doubts about where Barack Obama was born; "truthers" who have their doubts about the genesis and event of 9/11; and others. The granddaddy of all of these was "conspiracy theorists", which is meant for anyone who reads between the lines of history. These quasi-journalists call these names to people or groups because these media hacks don´t have the intellect or the motivation to actually investigate. There is no investigative journalism anymore. Period. Just lazy press release cubicle-jockeys and leftist shills.

That being said, radio talk show host Michael Savage seems to be the only person at all, anywhere, in the whole of media to speak the name that none dare speak: The Bilderberg Group. For years, Savage has made no bones about pointing fingers at the likes of Goldman Sachs as string pullers of events and people. Savage correctly reads between the lines of history to see the vast web of puppeteers that control – not merely influence – world economy and much, much more. In short, the world is in the vice grip of old blood and old money. I mean, do you really think it is mere coincidence that Obama is distantly related to Dick Cheney, or that the Bush family has blood ties to the British Royal Family? These assertions are fact, folks. They are not "conspiracy theories".

Michael Savage also accurately points out that Obama and Hillary Clinton were the only presidential candidates to be invited to the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group in the spring of 2008. This is fact, rather widely known. Do you really think this is coincidence? Are you that bloody lazy to not see patterns that happen to exist outside the floral patterns of your drapes?

Michael Savage, who has a PhD and two Master´s Degrees as a scientist, has been trained on a visceral level to see connections, cause and effect, and patterns in ecologies and the behavior of organisms. You´d think growing up in the Bronx would be enough. But this ability always translates into life and events. It can´t be helped. It´s a reflex action. And all analysis should be tempered by a generous dose of intuition. In other words the gut.

This observation began with cryptic assertions Savage made on numerous occasions during the obscene travesty endured by Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Chessani, who was forced to be the scapegoat for a massacre in Iraq that never happened. Savage, being the single sole member of the media to champion the cause of this brave Marine, consistently made reference to something that, upon reflection, was quite obvious: that there were other forces at work to keep this Marine at bay, other than is immediate superiors. This resonated with me for quite a while.

I believe the same thing can be said about the plight of border agents Ramos and Compean , who were jailed for doing something as heinous as doing their job. I mean, is there really a reason to imprison two men who shot a twice nabbed drug dealer trying to escape? Anyway, that may be a digression.

My point is ultimately this: there should never, under any circumstances, be a name that dare not be spoken. Not only should you speak it, but screaming it should be a healthy option. But I´m afraid, as we stand here in the twilight of our civilization, that we have lost our evolutionary spines that enabled us to endure millions of years of Earth changes and worldwide disasters. We, my friends, are in a state of worldwide bend-over.

If Michael Savage is burdened with being the single John the Baptist of modern times, then curing the blind is up to us. I mean, who the hell else is going to do it for us.

Where the secrets begin, the Republic ends.