October 4, 2010


Le Monde: revolution of KGB thieves occurred in Russia

Publication time: 2 October 2010, 13:18

A revolution has taken place in Russia that would make Lenin turn over in his sarcophagus at the Red Square. No more ideology, long live money! Hundreds of billions of dollars have been already stolen from the state funds, Le Monde writes in an article entitled "Lenin pouts (Lénine fait la moue)".
The start to cover up this process has been given by the Kremlin and its gas arm Gazprom, which signed contracts with PR agencies Ketchum and GPlus Europe, subsidiaries of the US Omnicom, in 2006. They had to change their propaganda approach after a series of infamous cases: the murder of Politkovskaya and Litvinenko, and the "gas war" between Ukraine and Russia.

Russia also relies on the lobby, the paper continues, recalling that Schroeder from his post of the Chancellor of Germany went directly to the committee of shareholders of the Russian consortium Nord Stream. Schroeder got this job a few days after his German government had given state guarantees for the loan of the Deutsche Bank to Gazprom in the amount of 1 billion euros.
The consortium is a sort of club of trustees, as the managing director here is none other than Matthias Warnig, a former agent of the Stasi, who worked as a Russian representative of Dresdner Bank and is also closely associated with Putin, the newspaper says.
The majority of Russian companies have in their board foreign "independent directors" who are not involved in the decision-making process and are often hired "for the image" on the eve of release of company's shares into the market.
Among them is Elsie Loyng, a former Secretary of Justice of Hong Kong who moved to Rusal and a French Terry, the founder of the French Institute of International Relations.
Russian banks are not left alone. Masterbank recently hired as a deputy director Igor Putin, the second cousin of the Russian leader and a son of a Russian military officer who graduated from a provincial Ryazan Automotive Institute. He later graduated from the Institute of Economics and Law, becoming ... an engineer for tractors.
And although you cannot call the 57-year old Igor Putin an expert in the field of finance, but the bank got the name Putin as a key to success, the paper emphasizes. This is confirmed by the experience of Avtovazbank, where Igor was a member of the board of directors since 2007: since his appointment, the number of accounts of legal entities increased by 12%, and the number of natural persons by 40%.
For the bank, the Putin's name is important, which also applies to a brand of vodka, a new sort of tomatoes and canned goods.
A sonny of the former ringleader of the FSB boss Patrushev has been appointed as the ringleader of the Rosselbank.
A sonny of the former KGB prime minister Mikhail Fradkov has been appointed as a deputy ringleader of the Vnesheconombank.
A sonny of the former KGB vice-premier Sergey Ivanov has been appointed as the head of a department in the same bank. Another sonny of the same Ivanov has been appointed as a deputy ringleader of Gazprom.
A sonny of the KGB mayor of St. Peterburg, Matvienko, in his 30 years is already the chief manager of a branch of the Vneshtorgbank.
"But today, all eyes are directed at the Bank of Moscow, which manages the city's budget and the savings of the Mayor Luzhkov. The bank, of course, is headed by a friend of the mayor, or rather of the ex-mayor, because Kremlin has just fired Luzhkov.
It is actually unknown who the successor will be, but evil tongues joke that this man already owns a bank", the French newspaper writes in conclusion, as retold in a censored review on the KGB InoPressa website, which the Kavkaz Center had to supplement, as always, with the material from the French original, within the framework of our fight against the KGB censorship in Russia.
In its review for Russian readers, the KGB censored, first of all, reference to the theft by the top of the KGB clique of hundreds of billions of dollars, and then the data on the offsprings of the kingpins of the KGB junta and the crimes of German-speaking Schroeder against Germany and Germans.
No censorship, except for the phrase about Putin's vodka, tomatoes and canned goods, has been applied against Putin, who is doomed to a quick resignation in Perestroika-2, and the already ousted Luzhkov.
Naturally, the FSB website InoPressa gave in this case no hyperlink to the article in French in an attempt to interfere with the analysis of the way of operation of the KGB censorship, which in all such cases is much more valuable for political scientists than the articles as such.
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