October 14, 2010


KATYN 2. FSB killer squad finished off Polish survivors of terrorist attack

Publication time: 13 October 2010, 21:42
A Warsaw newspaper Gazeta Polska in its issue of October 13 reported details of a horrific Russian crime with finishing-off of a large number of survived Poles.
The newspaper pointed out that Polshevist (pro-Russian) prosecutors are concealing the truth about this crime for six months already. According to an interview with Edmund Klich, the official representative of Poland in the Moscow-based Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), which he gave to the Moscow newspaper MK, "some Poles survived the catastrophe".
Authorities are still hiding from public who has been injured, and what were the last moments of their lives.
According to an official report by the ringleader of Moscow's IAC, the FSB general Anodina, all Poles were allegedly killed on the spot in the moment of the disaster. Klich, until the Russians banned him from Moscow, saw medical reports and heard about wounded Poles from his colleagues in the IAC. His interview about it has been published on the portal wPolice.pl.
The newspaper notes:
"Very important questions arise. Why do the Polish government and prosecutors conceal this fact from families of the victims of the tragedy? Who were those wounded and those survived? Where exactly were they found? Some were sent to a hospital in ambulance cars. Where exactly? Did they die during the transportation or on the surgery table? As a result of what kind of injuries did they die? Those who were conscious, did they say anything before they died? ".
A Kaczynski's bodyguard from the BOR secret service, Janek Surovka, survived the crash. After the crash, he called his wife in Poland, saying he was seriously wounded in a leg and said:
"Terrible things are happening here". After these words, the connection was cut off. He used the network Orange for his cell phone.
This story was reported to the newspaper by a journalist, who was in Smolensk on April 10.
The journalist tried to contact the bodyguard's wife Jacek. First, Jacek agreed to meet him, but then she suddenly became very frightened and refused to talk to the journalist about this matter.
However, the conversation between the BOR officer in Smolensk who survived of the disaster and his wife in Poland has been confirmed to the journalist by a bodyguard's brother.
According to the newspaper, another survived Kaczynski's bodyguard also called his wife after the crash, but she turned off the connection at the time. This fact can be checked by the prosecutor's office.
Margareta Wasserman, a daughter of a prominent Polish opposition politician Zbigniew Wassermann who was killed in/after the crash heard Russian words in a phone call made from a mobile phone of her father in Smolensk. This means that the mobile phone switched to a Russian provider in Russia. Margareta indicated that her father never called from a plane.
"My father flew on an aircraft several times a week for 10 years and never called from the aircraft", she said.
The newspaper continues: "Antoni Macerewicz, an opposition Polish politician and the president of the Polish Parliament Investigation Committee on the Smolensk Air Disaster just spoke on the TV and said that most cell phones of the Polish victims were activated. Previously, these people knew the rules and always switched off their mobile phones during the flights.
"There had to happen something unusual to force these people to switch on their cell phones. To do it, they needed at least a quarter of a minute and not just a few seconds", Macerewicz said.
The time of death 10-15 minutes after the accident are given in death certificates of some Poles issued by the Russians. Someone had to indicate to Russian doctors this time of death, and it is unlikely that Russians doctors simply invented the death time, the Warsaw newspaper concludes in its article.
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