October 16, 2010


Iran to Take Control of OPEC Presidency for the First Time in 36 Years on Jan 1st, 2011

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

Iran taking control of OPEC is a threat to national security, because they will most likely attempt to manipulate the prices and hold the world hostage and it must not be allowed to happen. The Obama goons demonize big oil companies, but you never hear them demonize the Muslim thugs that are using oil to raise funds to sponsor their global Jihad.

Obama and his environmental fascists will love that oil prices will sky rocket, because high gas prices will cause massive inflation on food prices as well. That is how they want to control the people...via the food supply and energy. This is how they will impose their communism and tyranny onto the American people. It will strangle the economy and families, causing a huge rise in government dependence.

I have been waiting and watching for this. I was wondering several weeks ago how they will spike up the oil and gas prices. Plus an Israeli strike on Iran would jack them up as well, so there are several scenarios. Lets just wait and see....  

It is time to flatten Iran, then arrest all of the left wing terrorists (Libertarians, Anarchists and Marxists) when they riot in the streets, because they are just puppets and propagandists for our enemies anyway. It is time to clean house or die. That is your choice.

This is all over the head of the average tea party patriot standing there with a flag in their hand. You are all to late, because the enemy is inside the gate and the tea party leadership has already been infiltrated as well. They make sure that the topic stays on the economy rather than terrorism or the Obama eligibility issue for a reason folks. Many of them will not even use the word socialism or communism at a rally.     

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Russia Signs Nuke Plant Deal & may sell S-300 missiles to Venezuela, instead of Iran.

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

I knew the Russians would find a way around the UN sanctions against Iran. Just sell the S-300 missile defense systems to Venezuela and they will sell them to Iran...PROBLEM SOLVED. I believe that Iran already has some of these S-300's, but they want more.

The Israeli's will get around these defense systems anyway by blacking out the electricity Iran prior to the attack....

Keep staring at Glenn Beck's blackboard and Obama ....BOOM. Our enemies are laughing at you all.

Russia may sell S-300 missiles to Venezuela, instead of Iran: analyst

Russia agrees to build nuclear plant in Venezuela