October 18, 2010


by Gail Winslow

Freeman Center Analyst & Commentator

Reports indicate that another sea armada of perhaps more than 10 ships will sail from the Syrian port of Latakia where it has been docked for the last 12 days. The main ship in (what they call) the "Viva Palestina" convoy has 380 ‘activists’ from 42 countries, 147 vehicles and $5 million in medical aid. Their declared mission is to break Israel’s arms blockade of Hamas in Gaza. [Latest news: One ship has already docked in Egypt as of Sunday October 17th.]

These so-called ‘activists’ are what Vladimir Lenin called “useful idiots” who were carrying the Communist Manifesto. Today’s “useful idiots” are the Islamic sympathizers who are ready to be used by Hamas and Hezb’Allah.
To view their "real" purposes, look at their own ‘diary’ (listed below - footnote #1) of the propaganda parade through 3000 miles by land, and the rallies held at each stop. If you can tolerate the full onslaught of their propaganda, their own diary is quite damning.
The propaganda campaign that Gaza Muslim Arab Palestinians under Hamas rule have been deprived of food and medicine has been disproved by foreign eye-witnesses, still and video photographs of the Gaza markets full of food, the water parks, the villas and other luxurious living of the "poor Palestinians". The only purpose of Israel’s legal blockade of Gaza to incoming foreign ships is to deny Hamas the free-flow of major weaponry. However, weapons coming from Syria and Iran continue to be smuggled in through hundreds of tunnels starting in Egypt’s Sinai Desert.

The nations and Terrorist organizations who are participating in the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla” supposedly come from 42 countries, including the United States, Canada, South America Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, France, Greece, Italy, Britain, Northern Ireland, India, South Africa, Muslim North African countries - such as Morocco, Algeria, the Gulf States and Jordan. (1)
The countries listed above cannot squeal in protest when they allow their own citizens to assist these propagandistic trouble makers. Even if only one or two people from each of these supposed Free Western countries are included, their countries get a black eye by putting them into such company. These anarchists become Terrorists if they enable Terrorists to mount such an expedition. They want a clash; they want the ships sunk; they want the Photo-Ops of fighting and resistance against turning back.
Some 40 of those on board this current flotilla were also on the Mavi Marmara convoy which violently attacked the Israeli commandoes May 31st as they boarded the main ship to turn the boats to Israel’s Ashdod port. The full story of that maritime ambush was videotaped but, not disseminated in real time, allowing the propaganda to get a running start.
Eyewitnesses told how the so-called ‘activists’ were armed with metal rods, wooden truncheons, knives and guns. They had bragged that they were going to Gaza or to be "Shahids" (martyrs fighting for Islam).
So, what is Israel to do after warning the ships to stop, turn back, and dock at Ashdod or El-Arish, Egypt for cargo inspection for weapons?

Simply, blow off their propellers, leaving them stalled at sea. Offer to tow them to Ashdod for cargo inspection. Imprison all passengers and crew. Hold them for their attempts to break the law of the sea to run a legal blockade. Those freed should be required to pay their own way back to their own countries.
All such ships should be confiscated or scrapped.
Contingencies: Fishing nets dragged between two Israeli ships under the hulls of the hostile ships would quickly entangle in the rotating propellers - (very difficult to remove).

If the Terrorists on board should fire shoulder-held missiles at the Israeli ships, return fire should be aimed at the water line for slow sinking of the hostile vessels. Because Israel is a humane country and Israelis are a humane people, these passengers would be picked up and interned.
If the hostile ships are carrying small fast boats (like the one who blew a hole in the American Navy ship, the USS Cole, killing some 17 American sailors), then they must be fired upon on sight. Any such fast boat either being towed by the hostile ships, on their decks or already launched before the hostiles reach the blockade point must be destroyed. They are effective enemy weapons in plain view.
Iran has amassed a fleet of fast boats which can carry explosives for a suicide run or carry sea-skimming missiles or torpedoes rigged for instant detonation on contact. Much of this equipment is Russian and is highly effective.

Israel should meet this flotilla on the high seas and know that those on board are "agents’ provocateurs".

That these “Agents Provocateurs” have been invited to gather in the Syrian port of Latakia is very revealing. On February 21, 2006 the Russian missile cruiser Moskva on a NATO exercise, broke off from the NATO exercise and docked at Latakia. Why? First of all to demonstrate Russia’s power in the Mediterranean and secondly, perhaps to load up some of Saddam Hussein’s WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) of perhaps NBC (Nuclear, Biological and/or Chemical) weapons which had been stored perhaps in Lebanon under Syrian military control in order to deny the Western Allies purpose of initiating Gulf Wars 1 and 2. (Perhaps? Can’t prove it but there are certain clues.)
That the Russian cruiser, the Moskva went secretly to this port to pick up what were the unconventional weapons which Russia had actually provided was, of course, denied. Moreover, Latakia is the central location for the controlling Alawites, who represent only 10% of the Syria population who uses Latakia as a separate base should the Sunni majority ever overthrow the Alawites. It’s not surprising that the flotilla, organized through Terrorist organizations, used the port of Latakia in Syria to launch their attack mode. “Useful idiots” are always around to volunteer as cannon fodder.
Although Israel’s foreign affairs’ office is usually too late in making their own case, perhaps this time they can release effective information in real time – starting now. We noticed that the only “news” piece on this was a tiny squib in the Sunday Wall St. Journal. We found the “Viva Palestina” bragging diary on Google. Nothing so far on the Internet from Israel. Wake up people!Israel should bring embedded journalists and must have film crews to confirm the defensive action and transmit it globally in real time. Photos and Video of the May 31st ambush of the Israelis boarding the Mavi Marmara ship were NOT disseminated in real time and, as is said: "A lie goes around the world before the truth wakes up."
Hopefully, this time Defense Minister Ehud Barak will not be the one giving orders for soldiers to be carrying paint ball toy guns as on May 31st. Clearly, he is not a fit commander either in battle or as a politician who subverts the defense of the Israeli people.
P.S. You do understand that this could be a planned provocation to a full scale war with the intent of drawing in the nations on the side of Islam!

1."Viva Palestina; Breaking the Siege of Gaza" diary http://www.vivapalestina.org/home.htm