October 5, 2010


In Another Month The World Ends!

At least the world as defined by the left in the USA. Their confidence in 2008 to have won a permanent super majority in Congress, lays in shatters. Thank you, Obama.  Never before succeeded a President in driving his own party into ruin in such a short time. His arrogance in forcing his socialist worldview upon the American people, against their will, comes home to roost. America is still a majority center-right country where Republicans, Independents and a fair number of Democrats favor maximum economic freedom in a democratic capitalist system.

Obama’s statements during his 2008 campaign, now recognized as blatant lies, but which he still repeats today, strip him of all credibility. People think of him, in the best scenario, that he lives in another world, a dream world. They believe he has lost contact with the American reality, even with reality in the rest of the world. Worst case, people believe Obama is driving America off the cliff on purpose. They presume Obama finds America and its capitalist system the source of all evil in the world, and that he wants to damage America to cut its power and influence in the world.

How do you keep defending the +one trillion big stimulus-package, now that it is clear for everybody it didn’t help the economy nor the common person? How can you praise as the best solution, the yearly budget deficits of over one and a half trillion dollars? Can we spend ourselves out of debt? How do you sell the nationalization of the healthcare as the best thing that ever happened to the American people? Now that we see the first examples of higher costs for the individuals, and limits on service are popping up all over the place.

Well, the Democratic candidates for the US Congress, fighting for their well-paid job, know better. They try to distance themselves from their own votes during the last two years. Not one of them advertises his or her support for the gigantic stimulus funds. That trillion dollars only created a big hole in the budget, and had a negative impact on employment. Not one of them dares to defend her or his vote for ObamaCare, or name it as a reason to reelect them. All of a sudden, they are all convinced America can’t afford to create more debt. But, their only solution is higher taxes. Cut spending? Impossible. Cut some social programs and close some government departments? Are you kidding? The thing is: who still believes these people? Once elected the vast majority of the Democrats follows the party line, as defined by Obama.

The Democrats in today’s Congress are such cowards, they didn’t vote to accept the Obama budget for the already started fiscal year. At this time, not one of them wants to be linked with an extra trillion dollars deficit. They left Washington and headed home to defend their own cushioned job without stopping the huge tax increases, planned to go into effect on January 1. The Democratic establishment feared too many Democrats would vote with the Republicans to abolish this tax increase.

Americans know Obama could only realize his agenda with the active and salivating support of the Democratic Congress. All Democrats are guilty of this support. That is why most Democrats are vulnerable to lose their seat in the upcoming election.

The Republican establishment got a serious haircut the last few months during the primaries to elect the Republican candidate. The person pushed by them lost against the person supported by the Tea Party in several States, for example Nevada, Kentucky, Utah, Alaska, South Carolina, Delaware, etc. The Republican establishment is blamed for helping to expand the power of the government and for aiding in expanding the national debt. A recent poll shows support by 70% of the Republican voters for the ideas and principles of the Tea Party movement. As a direct result all Republican candidates support now more right leaning policies: balanced budgets, small government, grow the economy by lowering taxes and abolishing regulations and government intrusion, maximum freedom and back to the basic principles as defined in the American constitution. The Republican establishment fears to win less seats now because it considers some of its Republican candidates ‘too radical’. The Tea Party answers it makes no sense to elect Republicans who vote with the Democrats.

Obama understands a Republican Congress can severely damage or annul his accomplishments of the last two years. He screams all hands on deck, but stands actually alone in the desert. The number of Democrat Congress members willing to stand with him on a podium can be counted on one hand. They all flee from him. Obama’s closest staff members in the White House leave the sinking enterprise.

Obama is in full campaign mode. He travels the country trying to mobilize his followers of 2008, the young, the colored people, the women and the independents. Except for the blacks, all other groups have moved farther away from him. He admonishes his voters by charging them with cowardice, laziness and lethargy. He uses big words and compares his own accomplishments with the abolishment of slavery!

October will be the time of spiced up revelations, shocking exaggerations and insulting lies about the whereabouts and actions of the candidates. Statements or stumbling from many years ago will oblige the candidates into forceful negations, or spirited defenses. October is high noon for the press. Their interest is to present the facts and the lies as shockingly and exaggerated as possible. Scandal sells. But, the Americans understand the one-sidedness of the US press. 82% of the Americans believe the press to be biased for one party. (Poll by Pew Research Center on September 23) The regime-press, which is unfortunately all big names except the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, abandoned true objective journalism in 2008 to make sure Obama was elected. Now they will defend their man in the White House and his disciples in Congress with an abundance of lies, exaggerations and insinuations.

November 2 will be a historic election day in the US. October will be politically very exciting.