October 14, 2010


Crazy Russian President Medvedev eats living worms and feeds them to his guests

Publication time: 13 October 2010, 21:58
The governor of Russian Tver Region, Dmitry Zelenin, found in his salad plate an earthworm at a reception in the Kremlin given on October 12 in Moscow in honor of the German President Christian Wulff and his wife.
Governor Zelenin reported that in his blog. The message was deleted soon after it appeared, but journalists managed to copy it.
The Tver Governor Dmitry Zelenin said on his page in the Twitter that he had nearly eaten an earthworm offered to him by Medvedev at the Kremlin reception on Oct. 12.
Zelenin made a photo of the worm as a proof. "This happens in the Alexander Hall of the Kremlin, - the head of the Tver region stated - A salad with living worms was served as hors-d'oeuvre for beef".
Zelenin suggested that the presence of worms in his plate is "a way to demonstrate that the lettuce was fresh", which doesn't sound very convincing. 
After a while, the message about the incident and the photograph were removed from the microblog of the Tver governor.
Medvedev's assistant Prikhodko immediately reacted to the scandal and called it "unacceptable that a head of a region criticizes dishes served at a reception in honor of the German President".
The Press Office of the Tver Governor of Tver region did not comment on the criticism made by the Kremlin.
We are to remind that something is terribly wrong in the heads of the Russian elite in general. Some years ago a KGB editor-in-chief of the Moscow newspaper Zavtra, Alexander Prokhanov, admitted in an interview that he regularly eats living butterflies and that is his favorite meal.
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