October 20, 2010

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Russian President Medvedev: Russia and Venezuela want to see a NWO, Chavez is Not Your Enemy

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

This is classic communist propaganda and it is of course proudly posted on Prison Planet.com. When will you people get it through your heads that these 9/11 truthers are just shills for the Russians and Muslims?

Hugo Chavez is not our enemy? Why did he donate over $1 million dollars to Al Qaeda? Why is he in bed with Iran, the number one terrorist state in the world?

The NWO, 9/11 truther crowd are propagandists for our enemies, but they cleverly mix truth with lies to cause paranoia and distrust. This is classic communist propaganda. They despise me for exposing them and I am proud to say that I am their number one enemy...  

What is this new global alignment that Russia, Venezuela and Iran want? Basically, our surrender to world communism and the American Left are sabotaging us from within to make this a reality. They are dragging the war out with rules of engagement that handcuff our soldiers and this is causing more U.S. Troop casualties. The goal is to break the U.S. financially so the people admit that we can not afford any more wars. What comes after that blast of reality? Surrender.... 

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