October 18, 2010

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> "You are witnessing the staged collapse of Capitalism by outright Marxists". - Steve Cooper

17 NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan the Last 3 Days. Are the Communists Seeking to Undermine the NATO Alliance?

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

It has been no secret that the Marxists in Russia have been seeking to undermine and disband NATO since the staged collapse of the Soviet Union. The continued slaughter of NATO soldiers on the battle field will lead NATO into that direction if the bleeding is not stopped.

The rules of engagement are the reason why so many soldiers are dying. The enemy is hiding behind women and children? Well, then they will have to be sacrificed, because most of those 'children' are future terrorists anyway.

The Russians dissolved the Warsaw Pact in an attempt for the USA and it's European allies to dissolve NATO, but we did not take the bait. The propaganda from the Kremlin over the past few years to Europeans is that NATO can not protect you from the threat of 'terrorism'. This is basically admitting that strings of terrorism lead directly to Moscow, in my opinion. One of the major goals of the Russians is to distance and isolate Europe from the USA.

George Bush's June 2001 speech on the expansion of NATO by adding former Soviet satellite countries like Georgia and the Ukraine enraged Vladimir Putin. I believe this was when the green light was given to Iran and Al Qaeda to go ahead with the 9/11 attacks. September 11th, is the birth date of Felix Dzerzhinsky and I believe that these attacks were a tribute to Putin's KGB mentor. As you all know, Putin was a Colonel in the KGB.

Notice that here we are over 9 years after that speech that Bush made in Europe, but still Georgia and the Ukraine are not official members of NATO. That is the line drawn in the sand by the Kremlin....

Why would Bush wish to expand NATO against the wishes of the Russians? Many KGB defectors have come forward with grave and dire warnings about Russia's intentions to destroy the USA once and for all. Read my archives on Russia for more...

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