October 26, 2010


Czech analyst launches critical book on Klaus


republiky Václav Klaus moderoval 20. října v Praze seminář Centra pro 
ekonomiku a politiku na téma Fotovoltaika a růst cen elektřiny - hrozba 
pro český průmysl.

published: 22.10.2010, 15:20 | updated: 22.10.2010 15:47:26

Prague - Czech analyst Jiri Pehe today unveiled the book "Klaus - A Portrait of a Politician in 20 Acts" analysing President Vaclav Klaus's political development between 1990 and the present. 

"Politically and intellectually (Klaus) has been fading away for a couple of years and the issues he selects are often bizarre," Pehe said during the unveiling ceremony.

Klaus has lost the momentum and ability to direct politics he had in the early 1990s, Pehe said.
At present, he is trying to draw attention by controversial issues. However, even the domestic political scene often does not react to them, he added.

Klaus "is making himself a laughing-stock," which is a pity, given his political stature, Pehe said.
"When selecting a serious theme, it is worth listening to him," Pehe said, adding that he had predicted quite accurately the current problems of the eurozone.

Pehe admitted that he did not hide his critical views on Klaus in the book.

He said it was a "commentated analysis."

He said he tried to moderate his "anti-Klaus bias" and with hindsight, he partly corrected his evaluation of Klaus.

Pehe said he was mainly prompted to write the book by the fact that books on Klaus had been chiefly written by Klaus himself.

"Over the past 20 years, no critical study about him has appeared," Pehe said.

Pehe said Klaus was a central figure of Czech politics and his career reflected the development of democracy in the Czech Republic.

The launching of the book has provoked sharp reactions among some of Klaus's followers.

A number of followers of the group Akce D.O.S.T., that backed Klaus in his opposition to the Lisbon Treaty, today staged a demonstration against Pehe outside the cafe where he unveiled it.

They carried a banner in which they called Pehe "a national wrecker," chanting the same slogan.

They also called Pehe a "collaborationist with the EU" and a "traitor."

Pehe selected one crucial issue from each of the past 20 years of Klaus's career, putting together "20 acts" of his political life.

Author: ČTK