September 6, 2010

A Free Market of Ideas
George Bernard Shaw said: "Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it." It is true, most people are terrified of liberty, petrified they might have to be responsible for their own lives. "The Autonomist," is not for them.

Israel And Palestinian Peace Talks are a Farce
J. D. Longstreet—9/3/10
This whole dog and pony show of Middle East Peace Talks, between Israel and the so-called Palestinians, is a carefully orchestrated performance by the Obama Regime. Calling for a peace agreement within one year blew the lid off any chance that these talks would be taken seriously by anyone who pays even the slightest attention to world affairs. So far, all we have seen is more proof that the Obama Regime is in WAY over its head in foreign affairs.

The Third American Revolution
Tom DeWeese—9/2/10
The revolution of 1776 was not just an exercise by armed men seeking to overthrow their current government - as had been done so many times throughout history.

The Hardest Decision Of My Life
Chuck Baldwin—9/2/10
Last Sunday, August 29, 2010, was the hardest day of my life. Even when my father made me promise that I would preach his funeral (which I did--twice: once in Indiana where he lived, and again in Florida where I live and where he is buried), that was not as difficult and gut wrenching as what I had to do last Sunday. Last Sunday, I retired as the pastor of the church that my wife and I founded 35 years ago: the Crossroad Baptist Church of Pensacola, Florida.

A Commander-in-Chief Not Worthy Of His Troops
J. D. Longstreet—9/2/10
America did not win the war in Iraq. That's a fact. America did not win the first Iraq war. That, too, is a fact. Iraq is set up, as we write these few comments, for its next dictator -- with at least a couple of Iraqis preening themselves in the shadows just waiting for the moment, which will not be long in coming.

A Plea For Intolorence
Burt Prelutsky—9/1/10
Lately, you have probably noticed that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has taken to lecturing the rest of us on tolerance. I call it presumptuous, as well as ill-timed. It's presumptuous because he believes that he, alone, is in a position to tell Americans how we should feel about a massive mosque being built next to Ground Zero, as if being wealthy and an elected official somehow provided him with a moral superiority that we mere mortals could never hope to match.

Obama and FDR: They Really Are Alike!
Dennis T. Avery—9/1/10
We've spent $787 billion on a stimulus program that didn't stimulate. We've obligated at least $1 trillion to raise everyone's future health care costs. The Democrats have just scraped up $26 billion to bail out public employee unions no matter how lavish their contracts. The Federal deficit may well double, to more than $20 trillion, by 2020.