September 23, 2010

Link to Stop Common Purpose Home Page This mind map gives an overview of Common Purpose.
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Prime Minister Heath, whose government entered into the accession treaty, and Prime Minister Wilson, who arranged the referendum, both knew that the Common Market was simply a stage in the development of the European Union.
At some point, those behind the take-over of Britain by the EU realised that they needed people whom they could trust to manage the new bureaucracy.
Enter Common Purpose, which was established to recruit and train the commissars and apparatchiks needed to run this bureaucracy.
The Hidden Agenda
From 1997, the New Labour government worked to two agendas. Firstly, the open agenda as laid out in their manifestos and secondly, their hidden agenda.
The objective of the hidden agenda is the creation of a communitarian society controlled by the EU collective.
In order to achieve this objective, the New Labour government ran a parallel administration made up of QUANGOs and fake charities. A fake charity is legally a charity but effectively operates as a government department, receiving a substantial amount of funding directly or indirectly from government and operating as a government department.
The hidden agenda continues to operate under the coalition government.
The British parliament has become just a puppet organization. They merely go through the motions - the pretense of acting like a governing body, but the reality is they are just rubber-stamping the programmes of the New World Order global communitarian technocrats.
Part of the New World Order. Common Purpose members are taught to 'lead beyond authority' and are involved in the slow and secretive merging of the public and private sectors and preparing Britain for complete takeover by the EU.
The EU intelligence and monitoring teams are charged with seeing how well the EU's plans are doing and reporting on anti-EU activists.
These EU spies in Britain not only engage in legitimate, open-source intelligence gathering such as monitoring websites, newspapers and political meetings but also engage in illegal intelligence gathering activities such as bugging, surveillance of individuals (stalking) and burglary.
The EU spy masters in London also employ criminals to intimidate and harass anti-EU activists.

"Agenda 21 uses communitarian language. The President of Colombia is a communitarian president. President Bush was a communitarian president. Obama is a communitarian president. George Soros is a communitarian. Americorps is a communitarian programme. Citizen Corps is a communitarian draft. Hilary Clinton is (among other various titles) a communitarian. ABCD- Asset Based Community Development is a communitarian mapping programme. Domestic Violence Acts and laws rely on communitarian shaming. Family based crime prevention is communitarian. Creative crime prevention is communitarian. Talmudic Homeland Security is communitarian. Faith-based programmes are communitarian. Domestic disarmament is Communitarian. Character Building is Communitarian. Globalization of Values and Norms is Communitarian. The New World Order is communitarian." link
Obama is sometimes called a 'socialist.' He isn't. He is a communitarian.
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Strange things have been happening in Britain in recent years. For example, the police have lost their common sense. The existence of Common Purpose helps to explain them.
Some people have worked out exactly what Common Purpose has been up to and it is not a very edifying story.
It is difficult to comprehend the enormity of the corruption, deceit, fraud and treachery that Common Purpose has engaged in. Common Purpose has been working with the British government to soften up Britain for takeover by the EU. This is what makes Common Purpose so unique. Most people will find it difficult to comprehend that any government could stoop so low as to betray its own citizens.
The economic and social chaos that we are witnessing nowadays has been deliberately engineered and Common Purpose along with New World Order plotters in places like the United States and the European Union.
There are literally no depths to which these institutionally-corrupt British governments will not descend: multi-billion eurofraud, relentless and ruthless abuses of citizens, lying, cheating, secrecy, going to war on the basis of lies, oppressive social control, abrogating sovereign rule to Brussels, corruption, deceit, fraud, treachery, bankrupting the country and so on.
Whilst carrying out the hidden United Nations Agenda 21, Common Purpose has corruptly abused millions of pounds of taxpayers' money.
Common Purpose is guilty of defrauding YOU of YOUR money.
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Communitarianism, the philosophy underpinning the NWO and its agenda, has been implemented by stealth in Britain over the past few years. For example, the smoking ban is a typical communitarian policy.
Communitarianism is difficult to pin down. It is...
1. A strange mixture of capitalism and communism. Communitarians want social control in a collectivist and corporatist society;
2. A type of neo-communism that owes some of its ideas to Gramsci and the Fabians;
3. A 'Big Brother knows best' type of philosophy.
Communitarians want...
1. To create a post-modern, post-democratic feudal society known as the 'New World Order' run by a small number of rich and powerful people with everyone else working as peasants. In order to achieve their objectives they must destroy the middle class and the nation state;
2. Group rights dominant over individual rights;
3. Highly-taxed capitalism merged with social collectivism, administered through QUANGOs and fake charities. They call this 'civil society'.
The communitarians, through stealth, perseverance, duplicity, and subversion, have snatched individual-rights based democracy right out from under our noses, and replaced it with group-rights based communitarianism - a trendy, innovative, and newish form of communism administered by foreign elitists.
They are convinced that a communitarian system is 'better' for society - 'improved social cohesion' is the central tenet of their political ideology.
Obama, Blair, Brown and Mandelson et al are Fabian communitarians and Cameron and Clegg show distinct communitarian tendencies, although you will not have heard them use the term. The truth of their hidden agenda is now known and we know their real intentions. These people are front-men for the New World Order communitarians.
Communitarian policy has been seen as fascist corporatism with the primary difference that instead of focussing on nation states, own country and people, it propagates a supranational policy. A secondary difference is it influences by means of informal social structures, like for example Common Purpose, instead of by institutionalised State violence - at least for the time being.
Communitarianism is aimed just like fascists, socialists and communists at the collective. The interests of the collective always prevail above the interests of the individual. Individuals must subjugate themselves to the 'common good'. Communitarians create imaginary problems such as global warming, terrorism suppression and the bank crisis to force through their ideas.
"Communitarianism is a collectivist philosophy that explicitly rejects individualism." link
"Communitarianism is not about 'the common good'. It's about power and the absolute and dictatorial control of money and people - nothing more and nothing less." link
"The cult television series 'The Prisoner' tells the story of a man who, after losing and then regaining consciousness, opens the blinds of his London flat to find that the world outside has undergone a Kafkaesque transformation: the skyscrapers and city streets visible from his window have been replaced with a small and serene village. (2) Accompanying this stark change in his external environment is a sharp decrease in his freedom. Whereas his life in London was his own, he discovers upon venturing out into the village (3) that his decisions and actions are now community property. He is watched everywhere he goes both by neighbors and hidden cameras. (4) He is expected to be an enthusiastic participant in all communal events, and is ostracized as 'unmutual' when he instead seeks out privacy and seclusion. (5) The town's authorities are intent on ensuring that residents cannot opt out of village life: quaint taxis transport people within the village, but never outside of it; phone service is strictly local; maps at the village store show nothing beyond the community's boundaries. (6) Each showing of independence or defiance by the protagonist brings strong pressure from the authorities to fully account for (and recant) his actions. (7) In short, his familiar urban life is replaced with a communitarian dystopia, hostile to privacy and deeply suspicious of every act of individuality." link
3. Common Purpose is the management mechanism being used to carry out the true and hidden agenda of the Fabians.
So what motivates the Common Purpose leaders?
1. The Fabian/Communitarian New World Order political agenda. These people despise individuals and people who seek free choice but instead wish to make everybody from the same mould and they despise nations and wish to see the destruction of the nation state - in this case, the UK.
2. The chance to get their hands on and abuse loads of free 'government' or rather, tax-payers', money.
And what motivates those who support Common Purpose, go on courses and do what the Common Purpose network tells them to do in their work?
How about fat salaries and nice pensions? That'll do to start with.
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Common Purpose has been reported to the Information Commissioner's Office for alleged breaches of data protection law. Of course, CP's friends in the ICO made sure no action was taken.
Leading beyond authority can mean acting ultra vires. Ultra vires a legal concept. It is Latin for 'beyond the powers'. It can apply to any body which has rules, such as a charity or a local authority. An ultra vires act is one that is outside the specified and/or implied constitutional objects and powers of the body in question. It is 'beyond the powers' and therefore illegal.
Also, what are the implications of 'leading beyond authority' for services which require a hierarchical management structure to ensure discipline and cohesion, like the armed forces and police which can be manipulated from within for political purposes?