September 24, 2010


Updated: 09/20/2010

The Midterm Elections and the Communist Manifesto
By Joan Swirsky
When it comes to celebrating the anticipated shellacking that Democrats will take in the midterms – possibly even capturing both the House and the Senate – I’m not as sanguine, indeed giddy, as are the pundits, pollsters, and media gurus who clearly trust that today’s politics are the same as they were in pre-2009, pre-totalitarian America.

Reckoning Honestly With “Tea Party” Momentum
By: Christopher G. Adamo
Grassroots conservatism is alive and well, as evidenced by the “upset” victory of “Tea Party” candidate Christine O’Donnell over career politician and RINO Mike Castle in the Delaware Republican Senate primary. The event is already being labeled an “upset,” although at the moment it appears that only the establishment Republicans are upset.

The GOP: Locked, Loaded & Aiming for Its Own Foot...AgainBy Frank Salvato
And so it begins. The establishment Republican Party has loaded the gun and is now pointing the barrel directly at its own foot; a situation all too familiar for those of us who, in the past, have watched the Republican Party snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. How they are handling the Tea Party movement – or, rather, how they are trying to man-handle the Tea Party movement – is a perfect example.

Mr. Obama, Meet Ms. Everywoman
by Paul R. Hollrah
On Tuesday, September 14, representative government was reaffirmed in the State of Delaware. After forty-five years feeding at the public trough, all the while masquerading as a Republican, career politician Mike Castle was defeated in his bid to move up another notch from the House of Representatives to the U.S. Senate. He was defeated in the state’s Republican primary by a relative newcomer to elective office, Christine O’Donnell.

Integrating the Congressional Black Caucus
by Paul R. HollrahIn a recent letter to a group of his conservative friends, Rev. Wayne Perryman, of Seattle, described a conversation he had with one of his sons. His son wanted to know what he thought would happen after Obama leaves office. As Reverend Wayne described it, he took a deep breath, and said, “I think it will be hell for blacks in America… After Obama, very few whites will trust blacks.  Most will feel that they gave a black man a chance and he blew it.”

Documents "Embarrassing" to the PresidentBy Armand C. Hale
"A career officer in the U.S. Army acting as a judge in the prosecution of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin ruled the military is no place for Barack Obama's presidential eligibility to be evaluated. The acting judge ruled in a hearing regarding the evidence to be allowed in the scheduled October court-martial of Lakin he will be denied access to any of Obama's records as well as any testimony from those who may have access to the records.