September 3, 2010


Fresh wildfires destroy over 500 buildings in Russia

Publication time: Today at 12:38 Emirate time
Fresh wildfires have destroyed over 500 buildings leaving five people dead and more than 1000 homeless in Russia's Volga regions of Volgograd, Saratov and Samara.
In Volgograd, where wildfires were triggered by short-circuiting of high-tension power lines in a hurricane, five people were killed and 450 buildings were destroyed, ITAR-TASS reported.
NTV said that due to massive fire-fighting operation, with the involvement of two special aircraft, the blaze was mostly put-off in Volgograd region, where 20 villages were hit by the wildfires spreading through dry burning grass in temperature above 40 degree Celsius.
According to Pavel Popov, the deputy chief of disaster management agency EMERCOM, over 15 thousand homes were under threat from wildfires rapidly advancing due to strong gales of wind in Volgograd and Saratov region, of which 400 were destroyed.
Popov said a special fire-fighting group consisting of three thousand men and 300 machines was set up and with the assistance of aircraft most of the hotspots have been localized.
President Dmitry Medvedev, who in Baku on a visit to Azerbaijan, was constantly briefed on the situation by Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu, the Kremlin said.
Medvedev also ordered Russian Regional Development Minister Viktor Basargin to "organise soonest rebuilding of houses and payment of compensations to those affected," Kremlin spokeswoman Natalia Timakova said.
Quoting officials in Volgograd, ITAR-TASS reported that by the morning fires have been either doused or localised in all the villages and townships of Volgograd region.
"The most complex situation remains in Rudnya district, but it is under control. A forest is ablaze just 10 km from Rudnya. All efforts are being made to contain it," EMERCOM official told the agency.
Eyewitnesses said the village of Alexandrovka in Volgograd Region's Zhirnovsky district was almost totally destroyed.
"Almost the whole village was burned. It was hell. It has still not all been extinguished," one witness was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.
Fire has spread to the neighboring Saratov Region, where a total of seven wildfires were detected in six districts.
A total of 14 houses and more than a dozen of other buildings were destroyed, but no casualties have been reported.
Due to abnormal dry and hot summer this year, most of the European parts of Russia, including Moscow witnessed unprecedented wildfires and destruction in July and August, which could be controlled only after change of weather and rains in the third week of August.
Source: Agencies

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Powerful explosion rocked military base of Russian invaders in Abkhazia

Publication time: 2 September 2010, 13:14

According to the Georgian television channel Rustavi-2, a cache of weapons exploded at the Russian military base in the village of Kohora, located in the Russian-occupied Georgian province of Abkhazia, on Wednesday, September 1. The fire quickly spread to fuel tanks, and a second explosion occurred. The fire destroyed all trucks and military vehicles of the Russian invaders.
Aviation of the Russian terrorist gang "defense ministry" attempted unsuccessfully to extinguish the fires until evening on September 1. There are reports about fatalities among Russian invaders, but the exact number of their killed terrorists is not yet known.
Those Russian invaders, who survived the blasts, were surrounded by a huge wall of fire and burnt alive. Other Russian terrorists were seriously wounded.
Russian rescuers arrived too late at the site of their destroyed military base. There is a real danger of fire spreading to nearby villages, the Georgian television reports.
At present, Russians have not yet confirmed the destruction of their military base on the occupied territory of Georgia. It took them several weeks to confirm destruction of their military bases in the huge forest fires outside Moscow.
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Mossad claims GRU General killed by CE Mujahideen, Palestinians and GRU say Mossad did it

Publication time: 31 August 2010, 13:31
According to a Jewish website Debkafile, which has close ties to the Zionist terrorist gang of Mossad, which in turn is no less closely linked to the Russian terrorist gang of the FSB, a Russian-speaking general of the terrorist gang of the GRU "Ivanov" has allegedly been killed in Syria by Caucasian Mujahideen. The Debkafile writes:

"Debkafile's Middle East sources do not believe he accidentally drowned but find it more likely that was murdered and his body thrown into the sea. They say it is inconceivable that the deputy head of GRU would have gone swimming without bodyguards, especially at a Russian foreign base, and drowned without anyone noticing.

Even if he did drown accidentally, his guards would not have rested until they recovered his body and not let drift for miles.

Furthermore, Latakia is a summer resort frequented by high-ranking Syrian and Gulf emirate officials with their families. Its bathing beaches are well guarded by security personnel as well as professional life-savers, who would have been instantly alerted to any mishap in the water.

Our sources surmise that Gen. Yuri Ivanov went missing from a private, secretive engagement from which his aides and guards were banished to wait outside, not swimming alone in the sea of Latakia. This would account for the delay in reporting his disappearance.

They recall in this regard his former position as head of the North Caucasus branch of Russian military intelligence, which he held until late 2006. In this capacity he played a leading role in clandestine operations against al Qaeda and the Chechen revolt. Among the many terrorist groups present in Syria are al Qaeda cells from the Caucasian". 

An official Palestinian government (according to Hamas) news agency, the Palestinian Information Center, writes with reference to the GRU:

"Experts in the Russian military community do not rule out that the general of the Chief Intelligence Directorate (AKA GRU), as a carrier of important classified information, could have been kidnapped by the "Israeli" spy service Mossad, and after attempts to knock out information from him (including the tortures that leave no traces on the body), he was killed.

We would like to note from our part that the GRU general "Ivanov" was hardly killed in Syria. It is to be recalled that according to Russian claims, he allegedly drowned in Syria on 6 August.

According to Turkish media dated 13 August a corpse was fished out in Turkey on August 8 rather far from the border to Syria. Russians stated that it is their corpse. The corpse decomposed, and Russians "identified" it only by a cross on its neck

Usually, a few days are required for a corpse to rise the surface from seabed. In most favorable cases (water is very warm), the body can surface only after 1 day, but not earlier.

If the improbable happened and the corpse surfaced on August 7, it could not cover in one day the distance of 75 km (on the straight line from Latakia to the Turkish border). Moreover, corpses do not swim in a straight line, and the place of its discovery is more than 75 km from Latakia. Thus, it was not the dead body of GRU's "Ivanov", allegedly drowned in Syriain that was fished out in Turkey on August, but of a corpse of an unknown person.

According to a usually well informed Polish agency Polska Web News, which received insider information from the Polish military, the GRU general "Ivanov" was drowned in the bathtub of his Moscow apartment between August 24 and August 26. The official obituary appeared in the Russian military newspaper Red Star on August 28.

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