September 29, 2010


European Sovereignty Network

ECJ Denies Access to Judicial Proceedings for Journalists

September 26, 2010
 On Tuesday, September 21, the European Court of Justice held that judicial proceedings are outside the bounds of the EU's access-to-documents rule. The case in concern, Sweden and API v. Commission (and related actions), involved Brussels journalists who had sued the European Commission to secure copies of the Commission's legal briefs in landmark cases but were denied access. A copy of the ECJ decision is available here. A copy of a Wall Street Journal blog post on the ECJ decision is available here.

EU Commission President Pledges 1 Billion Euros for MDGs

September 26, 2010
 On September 20, at the UN Millennium Development Goals ("MDGs") Summit in New York, the EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso pledged 1 billion euros to help facilitate the realization of the MDGs by 2015, with an emphasis on African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.  The money will come from the European Development Fund.  To read more, click here.

European Parliament Approves New Financial Supervision Architecture

September 26, 2010
 On September 23, the European Parliament approved a package of reforms which will see a fundamental shift in the way banks, stock markets and insurance companies are policed as of 2011.  A copy of the EP Press Release is available here.

European Commission Publishes Report on Social Protection in Ukraine

September 24, 2010
 The European Commission has published a study that analyzes the challenges facing Ukraine in the areas of poverty, social exclusion, pensions and health/long-term care. To read the study, click here.

Pro-LGBT Members of European Parliament Demand Recognition of Same-Sex Unions

September 17, 2010
 The European Parliament's Intergroup on LGBT Rights told the EU Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship that more must be done to uphold same-sex couples' fundamental rights throughout the European Union.  To read more, click here.

COE Parliamentary Assembly Committee Issues Report on Ukraine Democratic Institutions

September 17, 2010
 The Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has produced a report titled "The Functioning of Democratic Institutions in Ukraine." The report concludes by urging Ukrainian authorities "to implement constitutional reforms that would create a robust and stable political framework with a clear separation between the different branches of power and an effective system of checks and balances between them." A copy of the report is available here.

EC President Barroso Lays Out Strategic Program for EU In Speech

September 17, 2010
 During his State of the Union speech last week, José Manuel Durão Barroso, President of the European Commission, explained his vision for addressing five major challenges in the next year: dealing with the economic crisis and governance; restoring growth for jobs; promoting freedom, justice and security; launching negotiations for a modern EU budget, and the EU pulling its weight on the global stage. To read more, click here.

EP Resolution Calls for Protection of Roma Freedom of Movement

September 17, 2010
 Last week, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the situation of Roma and on freedom of movement in the EU. In the resolution, the the EP expresses its deep concern at the measures taken by France and other Member States' authorities targeting Roma and providing for their expulsion and urges those authorities immediately to suspend all expulsions of Roma. A copy of the resolution is available here.

EC Publishes Paper on "Innovating Financing at a Global Level"

September 17, 2010
 The European Commission paper proposes new "innovative financing" public policy measures "to build a more robust financial system in which financial institutions are required through taxes and regulatory measures to internalise the social costs of their activities." A copy of the paper is available here.

ECJ Rejects Austrian Protection of Domestic Gaming Companies

September 17, 2010
 The Court of Justice of the European Union held last week that Austrian legislation under which only companies having their seat in Austria have the right to operate casinos is contrary to European Union law. A copy of the ECJ decision is available here.