September 4, 2010

The Conservative
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What Pre-Election Surprise Do The Dems and Our Enemies Have in Store For Sept./Oct?

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

This country is already under foreign manipulation and a blind man could see it. November will not save anything. The Democrats are being funded by the massive unions, Wall Street and the other wealthy elitists that want to be part of the ruling class when this country turns into a socialist state. How much money is coming from foreign sources? Is there money coming from the Saudi's or Russian oil tycoons? I would not doubt it for a second.

The very wealthy are backing the Democrats, not the Republicans. The American idiots have been so dumbed down by the media and they are clueless about this fact. Wall Street was a tremendous donor to Obama, so was BP Oil and the Hollywaood leftists that love tyranny and hate freedom.

What will be the Sept./Oct surprise this year?  War with Iran? They can not sabotage the economy again, because the fools fell for that in Nov. 2008. In 2006 it was the war...the American idiots are clueless.

What will it be? We will be finding out very prepared for anything, because these thugs do not want to lose power. Do you think the already weakened Republican party can save this country? We need to do the best we can, do not get me wrong. We need to vote against every Democrat and RINO that we can.

The people in Arizona screwed this country last week by voting for John McCain and not JD Hayworth. That was a bad sign, because it shows how Fox News has the sheeple brainwashed since they give plenty of airtime to McCain, the Murdoch puppet. The Arizona Tea Party FAILED by allowing this to happen and Sarah Palin's endorsement of McCain should have been shunned by the people of Arizona, but it was not.

Listen to me, this is an international communist conspiracy and the Democrats are just a piece of the puzzle. Russia and China are pulling the strings behind the scenes, but this is another tidbit that will never make Beck's blackboard either. Anything that does not make Beck's blackboard, does not exist to his flock of sheep...this is why we are doomed. Libertarians are NOT CONSERVATIVES, but once again I am speaking to myself here...because the people are too brainwashed and misled to comprehend.

I tried....