September 6, 2010


Can Peace Ever Happen?

The Israelis and the Palestinians are again discussing peace. America is in the middle and again, terrorism starts up when they sit down. Will this attempt be successful, or just a farce?

As I See It: Sunday Bloody Sunday Talk Shows

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair used to describe Islam as a “civilizing force.” Now, close to the anniversary of 9/11, has he woken up to radical Islam’s dangers?

Happy Entrepreneurs’ Day! (too) On This Labor Day Weekend

Today is Labor Day. While the toil of the nation’s employees is celebrated, there is another group of people whose inspirations often create more jobs for others.

Withdrawing From Reality

Honesty, accuracy need to be strengthened again, in an age of widespread disinformation and misrepresentation. How can society snap back to reality?

Join Hillsdale College's Constitution Day Celebrations!

Hillsdale College
Hillsdale College, founded in 1844, is holding a two-day commemoration and free webcast to celebrate the 213th anniversary of the American Constitution. Be a part of it!

U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Comments on Ground Zero Mosque

The Ground Zero Mosque has seen accusations about the intentions and affiliations of the imam. Leaders of American groups said to be linked to the Muslim Brotherhood respond.

Arizona's Sheriff Arpaio Sued by Administration's "Political Machine"

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is being sued by USDOJ for failing to cooperate in an investigation. Once again, federal and local law enforcement agents are at war over illegal aliens.

Behind the Cordoba Mosque Controversy

The Ground Zero Mosque is put forward as an exercise in interfaith engagement, but this engagement flows in one direction only. That is the way that Islamic dawa operates.

A (Consistently) Dishonest Broker?

David Isaac
In peace talks, those who convene and host events must be “honest brokers” – without conflicting agendas. Is this administration really impartial?