August 20, 2010


Radiation from Russian Chernobyl and nuclear weapons fires registered in Germany

Publication time: Today at 07:26 Emirate time

The Internet portal of a German government energy agency said that measurements carried out by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, BfS) detected an increase in radiation in Germany caused by radioactive fires in Russia.
According to the BfS, the increase is allegedly "harmless" (unbedenklich). Nevertheless, the BfS continues to monitor radioactivity in German air due to Russian radioactive fires.
It is to be recalled that fires in radioactive Chernobyl forests in Russian Bryansk and Kaluga regions, as well as the destruction by forest fires of Russian warehouses with atomic bombs and factories for the production of nuclear weapons discharged and continue to discharge in the environment highly radioactive dust particles, smoke, fumes and ash.
Radioactive contamination of the territory of Russia should be in any case much higher than in Germany. Nevertheless, Russian authorities claim that there is no increase in radiation in Russia at all!
In 1986, during the Chernobyl-1 disaster, the German government also claimed that the radiation is of "no dangerous". Nevertheless, it banned consumption of local Germanic vegetables (at that time salad was ripe on the fields) and milk.
An American expert on radiation contamination Bob Nichols from Veterans Today recalled the readers, who discuss his article about the U.S. rendering secret assistance to Russia due to a critical radiation situation created in this country that "3 million people have died worldwide as a result of the Chernobyl explosion".
Meanwhile, Swiss newspapers reported that Russian authorities are doing nothing to extinguish their radioactive fires and publish a photo showing Russians who extinguish or pretend to extinguish their fires with garden watering cans.
In the radioactive Bryansk Forest, meanwhile, at least 3 huge fires continue to rage. The fires were reported on August 9 by a representative of the Greenpeace Russia, Yaroshenko, on the basis of satellite photos.
The Russian Disaster Minister Shoigu claims meanwhile that there are no and never have been any fire in highly radioactive Bryansk forest, the Swiss weekly Die Wochenzeitung writes in suprise.
A German environmentalists' portal Orkonews reported that Russian authorities not only failed to extinguish their radioactive fires but did not even try to inform the population about the radiation damage to its territory.
The German portal refers to a Russian environmentalists' organization Ecodedefense, which demanded from Russian authorities to start to inform the public about the extent to which the territory of Russia is now contaminated with radiation.
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After a sabotage attack, Moscow residents started to breathe dioxin

Publication time: Today at 06:31 Emirate time

According to Russian media outlets, the main Moscow city dump in the village of Saburovo (see the picture) outside the Russian capital is continuing to blaze. Immediately after an arson attack against it on Wednesday night, hordes of cockroaches moved towards Moscow.
On August 19, local residents and journalists noted that a huge number of fire-victim rats with broods disturbed at the dump also started their migration to Moscow.
A Moscow paper Vecherka describes how the fire broke out at the dump:
"A landfill waste started to burn near the village of Saburovo in Shchelkovsky district outside Moscow on Wednesday night. The fire spread to the dump due to ignition of a nearby forest. Initially, individual hotbeds blazed in an area of one square kilometer. The neighborhood was filled with fetid smell, there were some periodic explosions. The glow from the fire was seen in Moscow".
Russian media outlets reported that in the near future Moscow residents will be poisoned with gaseous dioxin, formed due to combustion of plastic packings, which are abundant at the Saburovo landfill.
"Piles of poisonous smoke, containing dioxin, chlorine organic substances, soot and potent carcinogens poison every living being.
Emissions of health-damaging substances, which cause mutations and cancers in human beings, have started due to a fire at the solid waste landfill Saburovo in Moscow region", a spokesman for the environmental organization Greenpeace, Alex Kiselev, said.
Smoke from dioxine fires reaches Moscow eastern districts and the city center, including the Red Square, Russian media outlets report. Dioxin cause mutations, and birth of first Russian mutants is expected within the nextt 9 months in Moscow.
Moscow residents described their first impressions of breathing dioxin in their newspapers:
"While I was going to my house I felt as if a burning trash had been put in front of my nose ...I just choked. I and my daughter had to go outside, so intolerable was the stench on the ninth floor in our appartment".
They will havr to get used to it, the Russian people is said to be very patient. According to Russian scientists, Moscow air would provide local resident with fresh supplies of dioxin  for many months ahead. Meanwhile, Russians will have enough time to think it over if they are really eager to continue their occupation of the Moslem Caucasus.
A huge pile of thick dense smoke with an unknown chemical composition comes now to Moscow from the landfill since the evening of August 18.
It is to be mentioned that dioxins are extremely toxic. Dioxins attack receptors of living organisms and inhibit or alter their vital functions.
Dioxins ensure the development of cancers, drastically slow down puberty and often lead to infertility. They cause profound disturbances in almost every metabolic process, inhibit and break down the immune system, lead into a condition of a so-called "chemical AIDS".
Dioxins induce malformation and problematic development in children.
Dioxins reach inner organs of humans in several ways, including air and dust inhalation by skin and lungs.
The responsibility for setting fire and consequently for the dioxin attack against Moscow was claimed by anonymous Muslims on an Islamic forum. On Thursday, Russians reported that an "operative administration group" had been formed for the investigation of the landfill arson and the dioxin attack.
"Our version is that it was an arson. Because the dump could not start to burn simultaneously in 3 places on its own, said Mr Kholin, the head of environmental protection agency at the Schelkovsky municipal district administration.
It is to be recalled that an Ukrainian presidential candidate ´Victor Yushchenko was poisoned with dioxin by the terrorist gang of the KGB under the order of Putin in Kiev in 2004. He miraculously survived because the symptoms of dioxin poisoning were detected in Yushchenko by American physicians in a television broadcast, and Yushchenko immediately went for medical treatment to Austria. Not every Moscow can afford it.
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Huge dump burning outside Moscow. Masses of cockroaches rush to Moscow

Publication time: 19 August 2010, 13:47

According to Russian and Islamic media outlets, a huge Moscow landfill waste was set on fire in several places near the village of Saburovo (27 km north-east from Moscow) in Shchelkovosky district of the Moscow region, at 6 pm on Aug. 18.
The total area of the Moscow dump "Saburovo" (see picture) is about 15 square (3x5) kilometers.
An acrid smell of burning household waste, mixed with sharp suffocating smoke fumes from the Moscow region's forest and peat fires already familiar to Muscovites, pervaded in Moscow since the night from Wednesday to Thursday of 19 August.
The burning dump caused hordes of voracious cockroaches rushing to Moscow, because after the landfill, it is the only place where they can get something to eat.
"A lot of smoke, odor, hordes of cockroaches are running on the ground", Russian media outlets reported from the scene.
An awesome spectacle of the burning dump in the night sky was visible from a distance of several miles, explosions and bangs were heard. Unbearable stench pervaded, the wind was weak.
It is impossible to extinguish a huge dump. As much as 20 fire brigades tried first to extinguish it, and then gave up and announced a break until morning.
"This dump will smolder for a long time", a Russian firefighter employee from the city branch of the Disaster Ministry told reporters.
"It is still not clear what exactly caused the fire", the RIA-News agency reported.
In the morning of August 19, the fire extended to 2 square kilometers, and the Disaster Ministry identified the cause of the fire as "introduction of a fire source". Who introduced fire to the landfill at several points, the Ministry did not report.
Meanwhile, on the evening of August 18, anonymous Muslims claimed responsibility for setting fire inthe Moscow landfill Saburovo at a Muslim internet forms.
In the morning of Thursday, Russian finally gave up fighting the fire, saying it is not possible to extinguish the fire with water in such a large area and offered to cover it up with earth, which takes a long time and will give nothing anyway because the fire will go underground and break out in a uncovered area of the landfill.
Muscovites in their disgusting city will have to smell the burning stench of rotten garbage for a long time.
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