August 27, 2010

Putin is flushed down the toilet

Publication time: 27 August 2010, 17:32

Many independent commentators noticed an interesting fact in connection with the case of the international terrorist Bout whom the Thai authorities intend to extradite to the United States.
The KGB news agency RIAN reported about the information shown in a Thai TV coverage on the involvement of Viktor Bout in air attacks in New York on 11 September, 2001, citing US intelligence agencies.
This is an amazing change of the direction of information, because still a couple of days ago Russian media carefully quoted the ringleader of the Russian Foreign Ministry Lavrov about the innocence of Viktor Bout.
Such a change in position can be only explained by one fact. The media received an instruction to flush Putin down the toilet and took the side of Medvedev until it is too late.
Apparently, the information from the US about picking up the entire Putin's terrorist gang has been confirmed, and Russian media decided to greet the new chief, explained the Russain agency ANP. 
A message flickered a couple of days ago with a link to the Washington Post and Christian Science Monitor that the US offered a deal to Viktor Bout, accused of supplying 100 MANPADS to Colombian drug rebels (the best friends of Hugo Chavez) caused an unexpected continuation in Russian media.
A Yulia Latynina, who is close to the KGB, issued another batch of compromising material exactly immediately after her radio station Ekho Moskvy (Echo of Gazprom) had been congratulated by Medvedev with the 20th anniversary of its existence.
She reported that the Russian deputy prime minister Igor Sechin, who, according to the American think-tank Stratfor, served in the 1980's together with the military translator Viktor Bout in Mozambique, was involved in the Bout's case.
Another interesting detail is the arrest of an IL-76 plane in Bangkok on December 12, 2009. According to Latynina, the RIA News knew the details of the aircraft registration in Georgia by Georgian mafia bosses who helped the KGB (FSB) to prepare the overthrow of the Georgian president Saakashvili.
Another office of these Georgian mafia bosses is located near the KGB headquarters in Moscow. So, the intrigue of flushing Putin's team down the toilet goes on. And because the Russian press writes about it testifies to an assumption that Putin will be soon forced to withdraw from business.
If the departure of Putin happens in a bloody or a peaceful way, what price will be paid for it and what guarantees were given to him, we will learn later.
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Kavkaz Center