August 30, 2010 

Mujahideen probably used Afghan tactic. Fatalities among puppets in Russian stooge's hometown are much higher

Publication time: Today at 17:39 Emirate time
KC's sources reported from Chechnya that about 40 wounded puppet soldiers have been brought to the hospitals of Chechen capital Jokhar (former Grozny) from Kadyrov's home village of Khosi-Yurt. No accurate data regarding the number of wounded who were brought to the hospitals in Gudermes city and town of Shali.
It is reported that some of the wounded puppets are died.
Obviously, the fatalities among Kadyrovites are much more than figures given by the occupiers and their minions.
It is to be recalled that the puppet ringleader Kadyrov himself does not recognize even the figures issued by the occupation gang of the "investigation committee" and still claiming that killed 2 policemen were killed and 4 villagers were wounded.
The occupation gang of the "investigation committee" announced "the final data on casualties". In line with this summary 6 Kadyrov's policemen were killed and 18 others wounded during the raid of Mujahideen. In addition to them 7 other villagers were injured, about whom no information given.
Thus, the total "official" casualties of the puppets are 31 people.
In their turn the Mujahideen during a initial telephone contact on Sunday morning, reported that "an address sweep" was carried out, several homes of the puppet were burned, at least 5 people close to Kadyrov were eliminated, during a special operation in the Khosi-Yurt village. Moreover at least 10 puppet soldiers were eliminated during the combats in the village.
The Mujahideen command also said that the statement of invaders and puppets about killing 12 Mujahideen in the battle was a lie. Their combat casualties the Mujahideen evaluated as 3 dead and 2 missing.
On Monday afternoon the representative of Emir Zaurbek said to KC's source on the phone that a group of martyrs had participated in a special operation in the Kadyrov's den of Khosi-Yurt. There is not precise data on this point, since the contact was short-lived.
It can be assumed from the information KC possess that the Mujahideen used tactic of the Afghan Taliban during the raid in Khosi-Yurt, when a group or a whole unit of martyr fidais attacking targets of the invaders.
At this hour it is known that at least 3 Mujahideen units led by commanders Mahran, Zaurbek and Abdurrahman with total number of 60 fighters had taken part in the operation. However, there is not blow wide open concerning the picture of the battle and tactics applied by the Mujahideen.
It is known that an APC was hit and 6 puppet soldiers were killed at the entrance to Khosi-Yurt. It is also known that the Mujahideen entered the village and stayed there for about 1 hour.
In line with the additional information received on Monday afternoon, there could have been a group of martyrs from 5 to 10 people in the Mujahideen unit entered the village, which as seems, in addition to its main task to attack the puppets had simultaneously covered the retirement of the main forces of Mujahideen.
However, information continues to arrive that Kadyrovites executed several hostages from among the young men who are held in secret prisons on the territory of Khosi-Yurt. There are at least 4 such prisons in this village.
According to various sources, 7 to 10 people were executed and their bodies were blown up.
KC continues to monitor the situation.
Meanwhile, as of Monday evening of August 30 noone is allowed to leave the village of Khosi-Yurt.
In this regard, some Russian publications, in particular, the Caucasian Knot, write -
"Initially, the authorities reported that a fight with a group of militants occurred on the outskirts of the settlement, now it appears that the shootout occurred in the village itself, which is protected not only by the Chechen security forces, but also by the Russian military. The attack of militants on the Kadyrov's village Tsentaroi (Khosi-Yurt) was a complete surprise both to the population of Chechnya and to representatives of power structures.
"Relatives of my neighbor live in the Khosi-Yurt. Tthey were supposed to come to him for some business yesterday, but they called and warned that they won't come, because nobody is allowed to leave the village.
They would come only after three or four days, when the situation discharged. Also it seems the village was attacked by 12-15militants, as claimed by Kadyrov and his security forces, but by much bigger group. No one yet knows how many were they, as well as which direction the militants had gone to", Grozny (Jokhar) resident Said-Ahmad told the correspondent of Caucasian Knot.
Some local experts believe that, despite the emphasized triumphant tone with which Kadyrov tells about the repulse of attack on his village, this Mujahideen operation has significantly undermined the credibility and image of Ramzan Kadyrov.
"Until recently, Ramzan Kadyrov has always claimed that only a few dozen militants left in the mountains, they are divided and have neither the strength nor the human resources nor the ability to carry out any serious operation and will be completely destroyed in the near future.
The fact that a detachment of militants managed to break into the well-protected village and for several hours conduct fight there, shows quite the contrary. It turns out that the rumors about the "death" of armed underground were greatly exaggerated", considers one of the observers, who asked to remain anonymous.
In his view, Mujahideen delivered a rather painful blow to the image and pride of the puppet authorities, and most of all, to Kadyrov.
"Dokku Umarov dying with hunger and diseases, the warlords sitting out in the carpet-holes, the Arab mercenaries interested only in money, as assured Kadyrov, were capable to carry out a large-scale operation", Caucasian Knot's interlocutor considers.
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Mujahideen operation in Kadyrov's hometown will have a long-term impact on situation in Caucasus Emirate

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Publication time: Today at 13:06 Emirate time
The puppet ringleader Kadyrov and occupation sources claimed for the media that 12 Mujahideen were allegedly killed during the battle in the Khosi-Yurt. He insisted that all of them killed after they were allegedly lured into the village.
It is to be recalled that earlier, the Mujahideen command reported that only 3 Mujahideen martyred and 2 of them have gone missing during the raid. Later, it was reported that those 2 Mujahideen also martyred.
Meanwhile, it is possible that a group of martyrs was included into the attacking group of the Mujahideen. On Monday, a KC source was contacted by a representative of Emir Zaurbek who said some Mujahideen who wished to martyr were included into the units that attacked the Khosi-Yurt village. 
It is to be recalled that during the whole Sunday, Russian occupiers' sources and puppets reported contradictory information, refuting each other.
Finally, the occupation gang of the "investigation committee" issued official figures, saying that 6 Kadyrov's policemen were killed and another 18 injured during the battle in Khosi-Yurt. In addition, it was stated that some 7 unnamed local residents were injured.
Thus, according to version of the invaders, the total number casualties among the puppets makes 31 terrorists.
Occupiers also said that "7 alleged wounded militants blew themselves up to avoid being identified". "3 militants were identified" among of those killed Mujahideen", but the names of only two of them were reported.
It is to be recalled that according to the Mujahideen command, up to 15 puppet soldiers, including 5 terrorists from among of the inner circle of Kadyrov were eliminated during a special operation in the Khosi-Yurt village. Several homes were burned, two checkpoints destroyed, an APC and several cars, including military vehicles, were targeted, large quantities of weapons, including special weapons, ammunition and communications equipment, were seized. Mujahideen reported nothing the number of wounded Kadyrovites.
Kadyrov himself continues to convince the media that the batttle was allegedly conceived by him in order to "kill all the militants, after luring them into the village, so that they don't flee".
The mess in Kadyrov's head, however, shows confusion of the puppet. First he "lures" the Mujahideen into the village, then "allows them to approach" only to the outskirts of it, where they are "all immediately eliminated", then "pushes" the Mujahideen to the outskirts of Khosi-Yurt, where "the militants opened fire on poor people who were preparing something to eat before the fasting time".
Curiously, some western media are prejudiced against the successful special operation of the Mujahideen. Thus, reporting about the Mujahideen raid, the BBC insistently repeated that the battle allegedly occurred on the outskirts of the village of Tsentaroi, despite the fact that even the invaders admit that the fighting unfolded 150 meters from Kadyrov's house.
A story of the "Chechen lurerer" Kadyrov who brought Mujahideen to Khosi-Yurt to be shot dead by Kadyrovites appeared on the pages of some Russian media outlets on Monday.
Sunday convulsions of Russian news agencies and Kadyrov actually show their complete surprise by the Mujahideen attack on the den of the puppet ringleader.
The village Khosi-Yurt is the most protected area, not only in Chechnya, but throughout the entire occupied Caucasus Emirate. Numerous armed gangs of Kadyrovites with armored vehicles and even tanks are located directly in the village.
Practically, the whole village is turned into a fortress, which is also protected by a whole regiment of Russian invaders, deployed in Novogrozny Ridge, which is literally hanging over Khosi-Yurt.
Obviously, the Mujahideen raid on the stronghold of Russian minions was both a military and a psychological victory.
Carrying out a sabotage operation of this magnitude and with such forces in the heart of a seemingly impregnable lair of Kadyrov will, of course, have serious consequences.
Today, the whole Chechnya is talking about the events. Anyone who is a bit familiar with the situation in Chechnya not through television pictures knows what satisfaction is now being felt by the inhabitants of Chechnya.
Meanwhile, not only journalists, but several experts commented on the successful operation of the Mujahideen in Khosi-Yurt.
According to the Moscow correspondent of the London newspaper The Guardian Luke Harding, Alexei Malashenko, an expert on the north Caucasus at Moscow's Carnegie Centre in a telephone interview to Luke Harding said:
"This is a very painful strike not only against Kadyrov but against Moscow. Tsentoroi is like a fortress with a lot of tanks and military men. I've been there several times.
The situation in the North Caucasus is now much more difficult than Putin or Medvedev imagine it. We are talking about a growing Islamist opposition and hundreds or even thousands of militants in Chechnya alone, with more young men joining them up in the mountains. It's a war. Invisible or visible, it's a war...", said Malashenko
Perhaps, in order to emphasize the counter-terrorism nature of the Mujahideen raid, Luke Hardingr recalled that "Kadyrov has been accused of involvement in the murder of the journalist Anna Politkovskaya".
It is to be mentioned that an American citizen, journalist Anna Politkovskaya who was executed by a Kadyrov's killer, is highly esteemed among the democratic public opinion and political figures in the West.
In his turn, Alexandre Cherkasov, an expert in the region for NGO Memorial, admitted in a telephone conversation with the AFP that the situation in the Caucasus Emirate deteriorated for Russian invaders and their puppets:
"The situation deteriorated in 2009 and there is no reason to believe that it has improved since then".
Earlier, the editor-in-chief of the Internet news agency Caucasian Knot, Grigory Shvedov, said in a telephone interview with the Moscow bureau of Reuters: "This raid is a message to Kadyrov, who thinks he is fully in control of the situation.
The sabotage looks quite successful, and is a sign that we could expect a surge in similar activities further on".
An expert with the English-language analytical service of the US Radio Liberty, Liz Fuller, also praised the successful operation of the Caucasian Mujahideen.
She noted with reference to the KC that 60 Mujahideen participated in the operation and made fun of Kadyrov who in recent years "consistently overestimated the number of Mujahideen killed and underestimated the number of fighters still hiding out in the mountains".
Fuller describes the August 29 attack as the "largest-scale" offensive launched by Chechen fighters so far this year, and also the "boldest" as the fighters targeted "Kadyrov's hometown".
"Most of the attacks that have been reported over the past year have involved only five or 10 fighters", Fuller said and added:
"The website (so is written in the published text, probably, the intention is to deprive readers of a possibility to visit the website and to read it themselves - KC) is now saying that this morning's attack was by 60 fighters in three separate groups, under three different commanders.
It means it's a bigger attack than we've seen for some time. And of course the choice of the target is extremely significant in that it was a clear attempt to discredit and insult and humiliate Kadyrov himself".
"The identity of the suspected militants and their allegiances to insurgent groups remains unclear", writes American Liberty radio on its English-language analytic website.
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