August 29, 2010


Judge Hercules & Obama’s Ground Zero Mosque

By Kelly O'Connell 

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In the current controversy engulfing survivors and families of the September 11th tragedy, unfolds a train-wreck of legal and moral claims about use of the site. This pits supposedly well-meaning Muslims against suspicious stalwarts opposed to Islam establishing a beachhead in the area. So, what is the right answer and who should prevail in the matter? Does a legal property right confer a larger “right” of development within the community, regardless of anything else?

“Predominantly white” media portrays Beck rally as “predominantly white”
 By Judi McLeod  
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Why would you determine that a vast crowd attracted by Glenn Beck to Washington, DC’s National Mall and assessed by NBC at the 300,000 mark,  was “predominantly white”?
Because that’s the mainstream media’s premeditated story and they’re sticking to it.
Many expected the MSM to minimize the crowds at Beck’s Honoring America rally by number and that’s what they’re still doing.

The Real Incitement to Violence
 By Daniel Greenfield  
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Pro-mosque media advocates have of course gleefully jumped on the stabbing of a Muslim cabbie to accuse anyone critical of a massive Islamic structure being built near Ground Zero of inciting violence. Bloomberg has already invited the cabbie to City Hall to honor him. Apparently getting stabbed in New York City is now an honor, at least if the stabbee is politically convenient talking point.

This is our future
 By David Harris
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This is your future. That was my wretched thought on behalf of Canadians as I watched Thursday’s Project Samossa news conference.
Samossa was the major national security investigation that erupted this week in counterterrorism raids and the arrest of four Muslim-Canadians. The government’s charges against three of them imply a wealth of evidence that will shock the conscience of Canadians.

Racial Equality Can Be Reached if Everybody Works At It
 By Jerry McConnell
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The days of race sensitivity should end.  No longer should a person be afraid to speak his or her mind over a racially tinged matter.  This has been the rule that blacks follow; saying whatever they wish about whites, whenever they please. 

A Convenient Stabbing, an Inconvenient Bombing
 By Daniel Greenfield
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Wasn’t it nice for Mayor Bloomberg to invite the Muslim cabbie who was stabbed over to City Hall, and for the media to give him the high profile treatment.
But here are a few other New York stabbing victims who could have used that attention and concern. Unfortunately they weren’t Muslims, whom Bloomberg could exploit to score political points.

Does Your Vote Count?
 By Mike Foil
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America was at the crossroads two years ago.  Americans voted Obama into office and gave the Democrats solid control of the House and Senate.  That election determined which road we would travel upon.  To my amazement and great disappointment, America chose socialism.  The Liberals took complete control of Washington and began to launch a massive agenda to enlarge government, secure power, destroy capitalism, take over industry, control healthcare, increase dependency, and basically cement our future to a foundation of socialism.

Obama’s August Surprise: Turning AZ and 22 other States over to the UN
 By Sher Zieve
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After turning NYC over to the Islamists and leftist sympathizers, via endorsing their 9/11 Victory Mosque (any Muslim project called “The Cordoba Initiative” has to be just that), Dictator-in-Chief Obama believes that he has found the way to both destroy opposition to his Orwellian plans for the former United States of America and introduce OUR country’s final demise.

God at Home for people who can’t make Restoring Honor Rally
 By Judi McLeod
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According to doomsayers, the chickens have come home to roost and soon there will be no chickens for everyone’s pot.
The promised Summer of Recovery has come to this on the day that begins the last weekend of summer: “Government Set to Confirm What Many Feel: Economy at a Standstill,” FoxNews, Aug. 27, 2010.

When America was God’s Country
 By Calvin E. Johnson Jr
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The United States of America is a vast melting pot of many people of different origins and religions….And, thank God, we are still free to worship at the church, synagogue or mosque of our choice as our nation celebrates her 234th birthday as an American-Christian Republic.