August 20, 2010



Destroy Iran’s Bushehr
Nuclear Power Plant!!!

We can live another day to fight against the establishment of a Mosque and State Islamic shrine at Ground Zero, but not if Iran goes nuclear. If that should happen, the entire free world becomes Ground Zero, because Iran, the greatest enemy to Israel and freedom, has tested and broken America’s resolve.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, argued this week that if Israel does not strike before Russia is scheduled to load nuclear fuel rods at Iran’s nuclear reactor at Bushehr this Saturday, she will lose the chance to stop Bushehr. Attacking a nuclear plant once it has gone “critical,” warns Michael Anton, a former colleague of Bolton with the Bush Administration, would risk the release of a radioactive plume that might kill civilians and poison surrounding areas, causing what he calls in what is surely the week’s understatement “a P.R. uproar.” Both Bolton and Anton implied that once Bushehr goes online, an Israeli attack would be prohibitive. However, there is no speculation in the equation should Iran drop a nuclear bomb on Israel. It would be the end of the Jewish State. Period!

Although we respect John Bolton, we wholeheartedly disagree with his assessment. No one can ever tell a people who has lost 6 million of its own in a holocaust, that they cannot act to prevent nuclear Jewicide because of the collateral damage that would result from an Israeli attack on the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant after it goes online. Israel and/or America must destroy Bushehr whether it becomes operational or not – no matter what it takes, no matter what the collateral damage and no matter what financial and political fallout results from this act of self-defense and genocide-prevention.

The fallout that Israel, America and the free world would incur if Iran were to go nuclear would be far worse than any collateral damage that Iran would incur after the attack on Bushehr.

Talk to your rabbis and pastors; call your Senators and Congressmen and ask them: “While we may prevent the creation of a mosque and state terrorist shrine at Ground Zero – and we must – who is going to prevent Iran from going nuclear? Why is this not our top priority?

The Jewish People no longer have to prove that they have taken the moral high ground by showing their restraint in dealing with murderers and thugs. The Jewish People's history and legacy of compassion speaks for itself. Standing up to and defeating bullies will not detract from this fact. There is no choice in this matter. Bullies are always the same – they never stop harassing people of peace until they are beaten.

Stanley Zir
Buddy Macy
Authors of the Jewish People’s Declaration of Independence

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Ted Belman
Jerusalem, Israel