August 21, 2010 

Emir of Dagestan Seyfullah probably martyred (Insha'Allah) in a Dagestan battle

Publication time: Today at 15:55 Emirate time

Five mujahedeen, including the Emir of the Dagestan Front of the Caucasus Emirate and Supreme Judge of the CE Seyfullah of Gubden, were blocked today in one of the houses in the village of Gunib, Gunib District, Province Dagestan, a source of the Guraba website reports.
A young Mujahid, son of a martyr (Insha'Allah) Abdulgafur Zakaryayev, Salahuddin Zakaryayev, was also in the house together with the Mujahideen. He contacted the source of the website by cell phone.
During the last call at about 9:12 a.m., he said that their group had left the house and went towards the infidels who blocked the house. He also said that Emir Seyfullah was among them.
And the last words of our brother were: "I am wounded, I am wounded... I'm going to Heavens!"
It is to be mentioned that in several conflicting reports about the battle in Gubden, Russian invaders reported first about one Mujahideen blocked in a house, and then about three.
According to the infidels, a fire broke out during the battle with the Mujahideen in the besieged house. The battle began at dawn and lasted until noon.
The occupiers said that one of the killed Mujahideen had been identified as Emir of Dagestan, Seyfullah.
Kavkaz Center

U.S. offers a deal to international terrorist Bout. He planned murder of Americans under order from KGB

Publication time: Today at 12:30 Emirate time

According to the Washington Post, US law enforcement agencies want to offer a deal to international terrorist Bout, an officer of the terrorist gangs Russian KGB/GRU Russia, who will soon come handcuffed to a U.S. prison, after a decision has been taken to extradite him from Thailand.
Bout faces a life imprisonment for supplying weapons to the international terrorist organization FARC in order to kill American citizens and US government officials.
However, Bout has a chance. If he is going to make a deal with American law enforcement agencies, sincerely repents and informs U.S. authorities about deliveries of weapons to international terrorists by other suppliers, the US court will rule more favorably in it sentence against the Russian terrorist Bout.
The Americans have indicated that U.S. authorities are interested in information about illegal arms smuggling for killing American in Afghanistan, Angola, Congo, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Sudan.
The American newspaper Christian Science Monitor writes that the international terrorist Bout was lured into a trap in Bangkok by the US law enforcement officers posing as terrorists from the international terrorist organization FARC, who allegedly wanted to buy weapons to kill Americans.
During a meeting in Bangkok, an undercover DEA agent (anti-drug police) told the Russian criminal Bout that the FARC allegedly wanted to use weapons against Chinook and Apache helicopters being flown by US military pilots:
- We don't have anything right now with which to defend ourselves. You see the helicopters landing and the Colombian troops getting off, but the pilot is American. And we want to start... killing American pilots.
Bout replied:
- We're together... and we have the same enemy.
The DEA recoded this conversation. Life imprisonment to the international terrorist, a Russian national and surely an agent of the international terrorist organizations of the KGB (FSB) and the and GRU, is guaranteed.
It is to be reminded that the heroic armed forces of the Caucasus Emirate under the leadership of Emir Dokku Abu Usman are waging tireless and self-sacrificing struggle against the international terrorist organizations of the FSB and the GRU, which built a network on the territory of the rogue country of Russia.
As part of Anti-terror Operation, the Mujahideen of the Caucasus Emirate eliminate international terrorists from the Russian FSB and the GRU gangs, regularly cleanse them and carry out other successful counter-terrorist actions on their own territory and as well as in the heartland of the terrorist country of Russia.
Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center


KATYN 2. Czech pro-president's paper accuses Russians of terrorist act against Polish President

Publication time: 19 August 2010, 13:55

A mainstream Czech newspaper EU Portal, which has close links with the Czech President Vaclav Klaus, has accused Russians of murdering Polish President Lech Kaczynski in Smolensk on April 10, 2010.
In an article written by a well-known Prague journalist Karel Penkava and entitled "Uncertainty in the Smolensk tragedy. Do Russians have murdered Poles on their conscience?", the paper writes:
"Some facts have been revealed after the tragedy with the presidential plane, which cast doubt on Russian willingness to cooperate.
On Tuesday, June 29, all Polish newspapers published a testimony of the Polish Air Force Lt. Arthur Voshtyla, who overheated a communication between the president's plane and a Russian air controller in Smolensk, who told the plane to descend to 50 meters, although a ravine 60 meters deep was located in this area. These words of the air controller were omitted in a transcript handed over by the Russians to the Poles.
Several people playing an important role in the Smolensk tragedy mysteriously died soon after it.
Journalist Kryj was killed in a car crash. Earlier, he worked in Georgia and Chechnya, and closely cooperated with journalist B. Bater who first reported about the disaster.
Professor Marek Dulinich, an archaeologist, who was going to travel to Smolensk to carry out excavation works at site of the tragedy, was also killed in a car accident.
Bishop of the Polish Protestant Church Mieczyslaw Tsislyar, who replaced the head of the church, who died in Smolenk on April 10, was also killed in a car accident.
Journalist Wojciech Sumlinsky, who was involved in a journalistic investigation of the tragedy, miraculously survived a car accident. A nail had been rammed horizontally into a tire of his car.
Important people involved in organizing the president's travel to Smolensk died short time after the tragedy, although it is not proved.
The Polish PM Tusk has handed over all investigations to Russians and refused to convene an international commission, which was demanded by 50,000 Poles who put their signatures in an appeal to him. Russians refused to return the wreckage of the Polish plane back to Poland 
The purpose of this article is to give a list of violations in order to convince Czech readers of a possible murder of the Polish anti-Russian politicians. Czech media form their opinion about the investigation by the Polish left-liberal newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.
The majority of Czech journalists have no information about the Polish reality that the majority of Poles comes from rural Poland, and they support the party of Law and Justice, and the Tusk's Civic Platform party is only supported by rich urban youth. Those who do not agree with the official version of the Gazette Wyborcza are defamed as "stupid Catholics", "losers, angered that Kaczynski lost the elections".
These Poles then thrust such an approach on Czech public, and we can only regret about that. The media is not available for independent investigators in Poland. And they are painted by the Polish media as "conspiracy theorists. Everything is so simple, isn't it?".
Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center