August 18, 2010

Carroll Standard

Taylor: Israel is going to attack Iran

Written by Blaine Taylor for US Senate
Tuesday, 17 August 2010 00:18

Good evening! I now have several sources reporting this. If it is an air strike replicating the success of that of 1977, we can all be grateful for its expected success in taking out the projected and alleged Iranian nuclear capability. However, if it is also to be a "boots on the ground" land invasion, then that is another matter. I am advised that it will be done without regard to us, and yet we will serve as a backstop should it go awry.

The complicating questions here are does Iran have secret military assistance pacts with either or both Russia and/or the People's Republic of China? if so, that would embolden all the anti-Israeli nations in the Mideast to coalesce around such an Iranian-Chinese-Russian compact to oppose us, Israel, NATO, and possibly India: World War III, A-bomb and all.

I am further advised of the following: Russian technicians may be starting up the projected Iranian nuclear reactor, and Russia has already provided Iran with anti-aircraft artillery, plus other economic aid. Just as Britain occupied Iraq during World War II, so, too, did the former Soviet Union occupy Iran at the same time.

China is building a land oil pipeline across Central Asia to supply its all-ocean navy with crude oil from the Middle East that cannot be interdicted by the US Navy, but it's not yet completed. This reminds me of the Imperial German-inspired Berlin-Baghdad Railway that many historians now feel helped propel the Allies into the First World War against Germany in 1914, a scenario caused by the Germans building a fleet to rival that of the Royal Navy, just as---now---the Chinese are doing to rival us.

As a US ally, India can be expected to work with the US Navy to halt oil tankers from "circling the sub-continent." Meanwhile, "40% of the world's crude goes through the Straits of Hormuz, easily blocked by Iran." You may recall that the US Navy fought Iran in this area during the Reagan years.

I am further advised that noted columnist George Wills' column today also, "Practically stated that they'" (the Israelis) "are going to attack." The whole situation bears careful watching and cool heads, especially on the US Senate Foreign Affairs, Armed Forces, and Intelligence Committees, all of which advise the Senate as a whole, plus the White House.***

Here are some more job facts and statistics submitted to me by a group called the Association of Equipment Manufacturers: "68% believe national policies to keep manufacturing jobs in this country are 'not working well.'" THAT'S the understatement of the last 30 years! As your elected United States Senator in January 2011, I would start working right away to reverse that entire development, reestablishing a US heavy manufactuiring base that would help forge full employment for ALL our citizens.

"66% support making the implementation of the National Export Initiative a top national priority during the next year. In the survey, voters were informed that the Initiative 'Is designed to create more jobs in the United States by encouraging the sale of American-made products to other countries. The goal of the Initiative is to double our exports over the next five years by working to remove trade barriers abroad and by helping US businesses enter new export markets." I concur, generally.***

I'll have more tomorrow. Good night!