August 29, 2010





Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has covered world politics and economics for a quarter century, based in Europe, the US, and Latin America. He joined the Telegraph in 1991, serving as Washington correspondent and later Europe correspondent in Brussels. He is now International Business Editor in London.


It pays to riot in Europe

Ireland must now pay more than Greece to borrow after playing by the book - no riots, no terrorist threats.
25 Aug 2010

Fresh flight to Swiss franc as Europe's bond strains return

Swiss currency hits high against euro on capital flight after Irish, Greek, and Portuguese bonds come under fire.
25 Aug 2010

Hard-nosed Fed sends global markets reeling

Global bond markets and the twin havens of the yen and Swiss franc have been flashing warning signs for weeks.
24 Aug 2010

Spain uses social security fund to prop up the bond market

Spain is putting all its eggs into one basket, and if it carries on like this, we may start to see a lot of Basques and Catalans crowding into one exit.
24 Aug 2010

US `fiscal chicken' risks double dip recession

Bank of America accuses the Democrats and Republicans in Congress of risking a grave policy error by tightening too early.
23 Aug 2010

America no longer needs Chinese money, for now

As the Sino-American showdown in the South China and Yellow Seas escalates into the gravest superpower clash since the Cold War, the United States cannot wisely rely on China to help fund its budget deficit for any longer.
22 Aug 2010

The Greek debt crisis refuses to go away

The EC has approved the next €9bn tranche of loans for Greece but the underlying economy continues to deteriorate.
19 Aug 2010

Western profits wilt on China's surging wages

Rising wage and production costs are eating into the profits of Western companies and may soon set off an exodus to cheaper locations.
18 Aug 2010

Time is running out for the West, warns Moody's

The Great Recession has shrunk the time left for the big AAA states to prevent a sovereign debt crisis.
17 Aug 2010

Ireland can withstand the euro's ordeal by fire, but can Southern Europe?

Much of the world’s Viagra is produced at a single Pfizer plant in Ringaskiddy south of Cork. All its Lipitor API for cholesterol comes from a neighbouring site at Little Island.
15 Aug 2010

Irish debt under fire on fresh bank jitters

Borrowing costs flash warning signs again on fears the full damage from the banking crisis are yet to surface.
11 Aug 2010

Commodity spike queers the pitch for Bernanke's QE2

Don't be fooled: a food and oil price spike is not and cannot be inflationary in those advanced industrial economies where the credit system remains broken, the broad money supply is contracting, and fiscal policy is tightening by design or default.
08 Aug 2010

Agflation fears as Russia halts all grain exports

Russian halts all exports of grains, raising the stakes dramatically in the crisis over wheat supplies.
05 Aug 2010


Wheat storm will soon blow itself out

Drought has lifted wheat futures, but this is a very different story from the global food crisis two years ago.
04 Aug 2010

US bond yields fall to record low on Fed hopes

Short-term US Treasury yields drop to historic lows on mounting expectations of extra stimulus from the Fed.
03 Aug 2010

Italy trapped in economic slow lane

July car sales have plummeted in Italy, compounding the country’s woes as political crisis threatens months of wrangling.
02 Aug 2010

Hot political summer as China throttles rare metal supply and claims South China Sea

The United States and Europe have been remarkably insouciant about supplies of rare earth minerals so crucial to frontier technologies, from hybrid engines to mobile phones, superconductors, radar and smart bombs.
01 Aug 2010

Europe's €30 trillion headache

European banks face a serious funding threat over the next two years as authorities withdraw emergency support, S&P says.
29 Jul 2010

World splits as East tightens while West stays loose

India's move to raise rates underlines the stark contrast with West.
27 Jul 2010

Spain shines on stress test, Germany flunks

Europe's bank stress tests have reduced pressure on Spanish lenders but so far done little to ease broader strains in interbank credit markets.
26 Jul 2010

The Death of Paper Money

As they prepare for holiday reading in Tuscany, City bankers are buying up rare copies of an obscure book on the mechanics of Weimar inflation published in 1974.
25 Jul 2010

Swiss endure safe-haven agony from euro flight

Switzerland is fighting a losing battle to stop massive inflows of funds from investors fleeing sovereign risk in the euro area and the rest of the world.
21 Jul 2010

Hungary's IMF revolt augurs ill for Greece

The collapse of talks with the IMF is a chilly reminder that sovereign debt crises do not end with a rescue package and a click of the fingers.
19 Jul 2010

Stress-testing Europe's banks won't stave off a deflationary vortex

Euroland's authorities are inflicting a triple shock of fiscal, monetary, and currency tightening on a broken economy. They are doing so in a region where industrial output is still 14pc below its peak, where growth barely scraped above zero over the winter "recovery", and where youth unemployment is at 40pc in Spain, 35pc in Slovakia, 29pc in Italy, and 26pc in Ireland.
18 Jul 2010